Perseid Meteor Shower
— August 12, 2012
Credit: Sankar Salvady // Flickr // Facebook

Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, CA

Stack of pictures clicked from Glacier Point from 1.30AM for about 2 hrs each exposed for 30sec.

The Moon is rising at the far right, along with Jupiter just above it. You can see Andromeda further up at the top right as well.

Artists, with painted bodies, wait to perform during the annual ‘Pulikali’ or Tiger Dance in Thrissur, in the southern Indian state of Kerala on Sept. 19, 2013. Pulikali is a colourful recreational folk art revolving around the theme of tiger hunting, performed to entertain people during Onam, an annual Hindu harvest festival.

[Credit : Arun Sankar K./AP]

Girls, Guitars, and Rock N Roll

As everyone’s heard, the Internet is abuzz with news of the hot new video game, Rocksmith. Unlike Guitar Hero or Rock Band, Rocksmith actually teaches you how to play guitar via the use of the video game. Which is so cool-wish I had that when I was a kid and struggling to learn to play the guitar in 6th grade at Leif Erikson, haha!

But first, you need a guitar to play the game, right? I know most pre-teen to teen girls might feel uncomfortable with a more boyish guitar,but there are some cheap discount guitars available for purchase online that young girls will love to play again and again.

Luna Guitars makes a fun and funky guitar that is perfect for teen girls and gives them the opportunity to add their own artwork too it as well. If you’re artistically challenged, then Dean Guitars makes a fluorescent pink bass guitar that’s eye-catching and bold.

If the ladies fancy anime or even a more cute and kitschy look, Sankar makes a fun Hello Kitty acoustic guitar that’s perfect for any anime fan. But if you prefer more of a traditional rocker look, Hofner makes a gorgeous black cherry guitar as well.

Plus, the great thing about all three is that they’re cheap! You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to buy a guitar; you can get a perfectly good cheap guitar online and have it in your arms within a week. No need to spend a fortune or get hassled by salespeople in a store, you can browse for your perfect instrument online and shop in peace, quiet, and privacy! What’s not to love about that option?

No matter what your taste in guitars is, there’s a perfectly affordable guitar out there for everyone and there’s no reason for the young ladies to not join in on the Rocksmith fun as well!

Indian Kathakali artists perform in Chennai, India on Sept. 4, 2013. Kathakali is a classical dance that was created in the ancient kingdoms that now make up Kerala, a state on India’s southwestern coast some 400 years back. The roots are in Sanskrit temple theater, which, like Japan’s Kabuki or Hollywood’s silent films, had a glossary of hand gestures and exaggerated movements of the facial muscles to express emotion. Dancers are swathed in robes and yards and yards of petticoat, encrusted with ribbons, tassels and embroidery, ropes of brass chain and plastic beads.

[Credit : Arun Sankar K/AP]

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