VIXXinManila Rehearsal Access pass experience

Hakyeon is wearing a V-neck Black-T-shirt
Hongbin is wearing White
Hyuk is wearing sunglasses same as Ravi
Leo is wearing a black sleeveless and a jacket
Ken is i can’t remember clearly

No camera allowed. No noise allowed.
I can’t remember them saying No breathing allowed but I think i didn’t breath.

We saw them performing Two song VOODOO and Light up the Darkness

As we walk in lines N steps at the center and says “Mabuhay”
We all seat in the front rows.

They’re all checking their Mic’s Ravi goes backstage with N.
we can hear N talking over the mic. Hyuk and Ken is left onstage. They’re just standing there.

so when they start the rehearsal. They’re all chill. Then the
Lay-back-down-kick-in-the-air part comes only Ravi do the choreography.
Hongbin and Hakyeon laugh at him, even leo smiles.

I’m holding “Hakyeon Saranghae” banner so I got Hakyeon.
When he goes infront of me, he saw my banner and read it. Then he looks at my face for so long before he goes dancing again.
We lock gazes so many times.

SO the Voodoo ended Leo goes up and removed his jacket. Hi’s skin is glowing. His biceps are so i can’t describe it.
Leo calls Ken “Ken~ah…” and he goes speak like he’s nagging at ken and ken just goes “nae~nae~” and nodding. Leo even Fix Ken’s earpiece 
Hakyeon goes backstage again and his voice like complaining.. haha..
Hyuk is just standing there. He’s just listening and watching his hyungs.Hongbin is laughing at everything.

Light up the darkness
They’re all chill and doing the choreography. I can’t remember much because Hakyeon!!
There’s this choreography where he sits but i can’t see him because the head of the Electric stand fan is in my view.
So I try to move to my right and he spotted me doing that! i can’t smile i can’t breath! Then he tilts his head.
idk if he glares at me. But i remember that small smile/Smirk that he gave me!!!! i just can’t!!
Ravi is doing the choreography infront of me. I can’t move. I clutched on my seat.
Then there’s this kind of break dance after Ken “Yeah Let’s Go!”
And due to Hyuk’s Dance his sun glass dropped.

I’m in my critical state during light up the darkness. Specially when Leo stands infront of me and stares at me for so long.
I slowly dropped down my “Hakyeon Saranghae” banner. He wants me to join his GAME!!! #Lesinset! (just kidding I’m Hakyeon trash)
I can’t remember much because of the stares they give.

Then the third song comes, that’s when the staff told us we can go.

When i close my eyes, i still can remember how Hakyeon looks at me.

I’m sorry this is Hakyeon biased Post because I just can’t with Hakyeon’s existence. Hongbin your laugh and smile is so beautiful. Ken you look so tired but nonetheless you give everything in the concert.