Yes hello good day, I have been tagged in a thingerr

Rule 1 : Always post the rules.

Rule 2 : Answer only the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 10 new ones.

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I was tagged by this chap ‘ere [x] (Das David) Hello, I am British and German today.

1. whats art tho
Mmmmmm something that creates an emotion or reactionnn? Or bothhh

2. tell a TL;DR version of your favorite story
Couldn’t figure out if you meant RL story of book story, though I wouldn’t be able to pick out a favorite of either. Also if I give a TL;DR of a book I’ll probably end up spoiling someone! So a TL;DR of a funny RL story I like is:
I was “kidnapped” by chinese people and fed fries when I was 3.

3. one regret you carry
One time I was at a coffee place and an old man was sitting there emptily staring into space with his drink, sometimes looking at the people around him. He never once checked his watch, so he wasn’t waiting for anyone. And this coffee shop was at a mall and he didn’t have any shopping bags. I’ve often wondered if he might have been lonely, and I regret not going over to at least check to see if he would have liked some company. 

4. what do you wish would change about your life right now
I’m assuming that’s a typo, and it should be “could”. I wish I could be 100% healthy! It would make my life a whole lot easier.

5. what scares you
Being a burden to the people I care about.

6. what height would you drop a steak to have it cooked by the time it reaches the ground
I can’t answer this better than Randall Munroe.

7. what’s the first file you have access to on your computer. share
This picture of leather texture


8. what do you think more people should be aware about
Gravy on rice is like the best thing in the world. TOO BAD I CAN’T EAT RICE. 

9. what are you working on
Both a short film and a comic. Though it seems the filming of the short might have to be postponed ‘til the fall. Possibly next summer. Which is a bummer, because I was super excited to start shooting it! 
My comic has been trudging along slowly but surely, and is currently picking up speeeeeed. Hopefully it won’t take more than three months ‘til it’s on the interwebs!

10. why are some organic reactions accelerated at the water-organic interface
Well I didn’t know, but then I googled it and now I know! But I don’t know what I know, because hahahaha what.

bonus 11. do you love the colour of the sky
Only on tuesdays. 

I will not tag 10 people goodness me, I don’t even know 10 people. Are there as many as 10 people on the planet??? I am not sure.
But yo, thepenguinruler, that-potter-guy, brightstartheory, knittinggeek, sangfugl, magicae, and phearity. 

Thou shalt answer (if you want) THESE QUESTIONS!
1. What’s a really weird thing that has happened to you?
2. Do you sleep with your legs towards the door or your head towards the door?
3. Would you say you own like A WHOLE BUNCH of socks or just a regular amount?
4. What was the last thing that made you laugh?
5. Can you lick your elbow?
6. If you could be an Elf, Hobbit or Dwarf what would you be?
7. Do you have your left hand?
8. Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
9. How many colors of the wind can you paint with?
10. Would you rather hang out with 10 kittens or 10 puppies for a day?

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