[SHINee] How Minho dealt with his jealousy

Minho: I suddenly have the jealousy of sleeping on the single bed.

Minho: So, one time, I slept on Onew hyung’s bed.

Onew: It wasn’t only once.

Minho: For the first time, the first time.

Minho: So I slept on it.

MC: How was it?

Minho: It was so comfortable!

Minho: The mattress for bunk beds and single bed were different!

[SNSD] Sunny's aegyo level one and the violence it attracts.

The first level is an aegyo that attracts fists.

Level one!

Tiffany can’t bear to watch it.

And finally, Tiffany couldn’t take it and kicked Sunny away.

So it’s not a fist as expected by Sunny, it was a KICK from Tiffany!

I can’t help but smile giddily at the part where TOP asked someone *cough*GD*cough* to call him ‘oppa’ as he was about to demonstrate the ‘maknae’ telling his fans to quiet down… and GD immediately comply and screamed with Shin Junghwan.. (ignored the comedian cause TOP was definitely asking GD to call him OPPA!!)

Enough said!