cr: 小ding愛順毛 | Luhan Dazed

as seen from the photos, taiwan exo stans went nuts (i read that luhan’s shades got pushed off, but i am not 100% sure).

manly luhan protected minseok as always, i am so thankful you are around. ;; kris also protected suho. :’) thank you. 

fanaccounts (originally in chinese):

- exo was all squeezed very badly, especially the small-sized ones… the tall ones tried very hard to stand firmly… in the beginning when it wasn’t so squeezy, tao still happily waved to fans… in the end it’s war.
- lu-ge protected baozi all the way, and he kept guarding him, lu-ge was pushed really badly, thankfully kris was in front of them, otherwise it would have been worse. and lu-ge waved to us, and got baozi to look at us too. (this group of fans were on the 2nd floor and had luhan and xiumin fansigns. luhan tapped on xiumin’s shoulder to get his attention.)
- if it wasn’t for lu-ge, baozi would definitely be pushed horribly.
- we saw baozi being pushed out and then pulled back by lu-ge…
- lu-ge was pushed so badly at the end that his face looked so pissed off

- when they arrived, it was completely wu yifan protecting kim joonmyeon, holding kim joonmyeon, protecting him from the crowd.

edit: the second photo is from before the chaos. you can see the sequence here.