Kim Sang Woo - Boys by Girls Magazine

Sang! My favourite Korean. How you doing?

Yo, I’m good. And don’t call me a Korean! I was born and bread in London. I have a 100% Asian face, but a royally English accent.

True that! You sound like you’re from Downtown Abbey. I’m actually surprised you’re not wearing your Burberry bucket hat. What happened?

Haha, figured out I should chill a bit with the bucket hat. I wouldn’t shut up about it. Looking back I think I was a walking and talking ad for Burberry bucket hats.

Well they’re cute. My papa has one, he’s a fisherman.

…….     (awkward silence followed by an evil look) ……

I need to ask, do you like sushi?

(putting on a stereotypical Asian accent) No, no, no, no, I not like sushi, no. I’m so funny, me no like sushi.