A lifelong resident, Tommy Booth is a superintendent at one of the high rises in Far Rockaway. His house, along with all the rest on Beach 25th st, was flooded with at least three feet of water.

Tommy has had to throw away a significant amount of his furniture, which is not covered by his insurance. He also lost the majority of his tools that he relies on to do his job. They are also not covered by any insurance nor is he eligible for a FEMA claim. 

Growing up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn,  Seth Kadish has always lived by New York water. He owns three houses in Rockaway. All three properties were completely renovated in the last six months. All three have lower levels and basements that have been gutted of those brand new renovations after the flooding and sand swept through them.

He just finished renovations on his own home, six weeks before the storm after a terrible fire destroyed everything. He now needs to start again.

Seth says that he’s done with Rockaway. He wants to sell all his properties and get out. He feels that there is a high probability that another destructive hurricane will hit next year. But who will buy his properties now?