My heart goes out to all of the victims in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut…knowing that people tried to come do the same at my school yesterday saddens me and gives it a more emotional sense for me plus I have 2 little sisters it just saddens me… My prayers go out to everybody lost today .. Rest In peace .. </3 #ctshooting #sandyelementary #restinpeace #121412 #heartbroken

21st Birthday <3

Thank you Lord for letting me see another year ! It breaks my heart to know that some children won’t even come close and I’ve made it to 21 ! Im blessed with an amazing family and very close friends. Thank you all for the birthday wishes <3 Now its time to partayyyy ;)

People are causing hell on earth. The majority who died today were children between the ages of 5-8 years old. They were children! Where has people compassion gone? What is going on. This is insanity, a true tragedy. I send my my prayers,my love to all in #Connecticut that lost their kids. I cant even imagine the pain these families are going through. Bless these young souls. #appreciateyourfamily#holdyourlittleonetight#pray#tragedy#sandyelementary