Mass Effect- A fine damn memory

you know what? NO. MY Shepard was a fantastic driver….. he was also just a bit unhinged and a risk taker behind the wheel, because you know IT IS A TANK. Its a convincing mindset.

You want to line up the perfect shot to finish a thresher maw? Well, sometimes you have to boost off a 200 grade ledge in a canyon valley at just the right moment so that Mako rotates in the air and flips upside down and backwards….and lines up its main cannon right as the target barrels down on you with its chasm of a mouth….ready to recieve 155mm worth of pure “shut up you overgrown sandwurm” to the gullet.

The recoil is just right to finish the rotation of the Mako, making it land softly on its wheels on to the squirming meat pile that is its latest victim.

Oh yes, Ender Shepard made his squadmates crap their pants. But if it  gets the job done without anyone getting hurt, he would personally see no pair would go unsoiled on this half of the galaxy. 

true story.

(Obviously the origin of that humorous “weakness” on Shepard part comes from Xbox 360’s original driving controls which was altered much for the PC release to competent “forward is forward” controls)