So I think I will like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

I’ve seen the trailers a couple times now and I’ve already choked up as many times as I’ve watched. I have a realistic view of what this movie will be in compared to the book. Nothing can perfectly represent the emotions and thoughts of this amazingly patient and determined nine year old boy. But they are going to damn well try to get that across in two hours. 

This book and several others are what I consider my emotions and thoughts put to words. Ive already been disappointed before, and the others are being filmed, so lets hope for a good show, eh?

Let's have a heart-to-heart, brah.

cupidisadouche asked:

So, I met this guy online and although I have absolutely the lowest and most suspicious expectations of online dating EVER, I really like him. The problem is that right after I messaged him online, he moved to Iraq. To work for an NGO and help with refugees, etc. Whatever. So we’ve been IMing and I REALLY LIKE HIM. Not sure how to proceed or if I should bother getting invested; he’s there for a year at least. With some vacay. But really? LDR from the get go? Does this seem wise, AT ALL? Thanks.

Things could be worse. You could fall in love with someone from the very near— but very impossible— Future, who owns The Lake House you used to own.

To make a long and very bad story short, they wait for each other, and somehow time makes sense; they sync up, or maybe time was never slow, just part of another dimension. You know how it is. Every once in a while you get access to an alternate reality where you can find the love of your life, if only you wait out fate, even when you’re embarrassing yourself.


Here’s the question, though: if you’re going with your instincts, then why bother being impatient? You can go on some more shitty dates on okcupid, or you can pause and think about what’s so great about this guy in Iraq? 

1.) If it’s because he’s inaccessible, maybe take a break from dating and just be single— stress-free single, not having to find someone to access.

2.) If it’s actually his personality, wait it out and see how he feels about you and what his take on the situation is— and if you want to wait it out some more until he comes back, that’s great.

3.) If you don’t know, keep talking until you do know.

In spite of my cynicism, I believe in fairytale endings. I believe that sometimes— once in a blue moon, maybe, or maybe after a Mayan apocalyptic prediction or two— true love wins out over very real obstacles. But how would any of us ever know when our closest friends and even strangers are urging us to “go out and check out the dating scene” and “don’t wait around for Mr. Right”? In a society that dismisses intuition and has traded hope for love with hope for marriage, then why would you wait around for someone overseas?

Because he sounds hot and interesting, that’s why. And because you deserve it. 


Ask a Chick Flick 

Crash: The Reaction

I think the movie Crash was entertaining and insightful. The masterful portray of stereotypes in modern day society made for a very enjoyable movie.. Through the use of many friendly and familiar Hollywood faces, we get an unique look at the ignorance and prejudice we possess in us. 

With the characters of Ludacris and Larenz Tate as car jackers, we see the black being associated with violence and crime. Ludacris himself is criticizing these assumptions and then ironically reinforces them by committing grand theft auto. Another example is the association between a young latinos and gangs and drugs. The character played by Michael Peña is replacing a lock in a upper-class white couple. The wife portrayed by Sandra Bollock judges the young man and assumes he is part of a gang and will give the new keys to his fellow thugs. Here we see the stereotypic racism of the rich white woman and the common affiliation made between tatted latinos and cartels. A third example of a stereotipical message in this movie is the scene with the asian lady crashing into the characters of Don Cheadle and Jennifer Esposito and engages the latter in heated argument. This incident implies the common assumption that asians are bad drivers and sound hilarious when attempting to hurl insults in English.

In my opinion the messages in this movie perfectly convey the unfair stereotypes we have in real life by giving us various realistic situations. It also shows us that our hate and suspicions are sometimes unfounded as some of the characters are not as they are perceived. By implementing  our own shortcomings  into fictional characters in this movie allowed us to realize the absurdity of our unsavoury prejudices.