Looking for more blogs to follow :)

Hi! I’m actually following a ton of blogs already, but I feel like I really want more anime and other stuff I like in my dash (not that there’s a lack but more is better right? :D) so kindly please reblog if you post the following and I’ll check out your blog and see if I like what you post! :)

  • death parade
    • decim x onna
  • zankyou no terror
    • if you post 12 x Lisa that would be really awesome! :D
  • tokyo ghoul
  • psycho pass
    • shinkane!!!
  • aldnoah zero
  • durarara
    • shinra x celty
    • izaya x namie
    • ryuugamine x anri
  • tsuritama (precious fishing anime)
  • gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun
  • mushishi
  • natsume yuujinchou
  • tonari no kaibutsu-kun (relatively old anime but I love it a lot ;w;)
  • mahou shoujo madoka magica
  • princess tutu
  • horimiya (manga)
  • pochamani (also a manga)
  • various shoujo manga
  • just anime in general? I like to see what’s new and interesting and I may end up checking out what you post/reblog ^u^
  • welcome to night vale (podcast)
  • the sandman (comics by DC, I think? I just started the first issue andi t seems really cool! :D)
  • science!!!
    • I really like space and astronomy
  • history
  • math (if you have interesting math facts that would be cool)
  • dr. seuss
  • winnie the pooh

Also, to a lesser degree since I have it a lot on my dash:

  • snk
    • levihan
  • aph (you never truly leave the hetalia fandom ;u;)
    • fruk
    • aushun
    • ameripan
  • homestuck
    • JADEKAT!!!
  • hnr
  • art
  • mythology
  • books
  • photography
  • dogs and other animals

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Thank you!!! :)

Since about October, I’ve been completely obsessed with the comic book series The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. I purchased Vol 1 while on tour at a comic book store in New Orleans. By the end of that tour i had purchased and read all 10 volumes, plus 3 other books that came out years after the first 10 were released.

Now I’ve started buying the periodicals of the recent “Overture” story arc that started last year. I’ve read these 4 comics a few times each. The wait between issues is killing me. The release for each book has been inconsistent, since the original intention was to release an issue every other month. What have i gotten myself into?