My immortal- chapter eleven

“NO!” I screamed. I was horrorfied! B’loody Noam tried to comfort me but I told her fuck off and I ran to my room crying myself. Gracie chased after me shouting but she had to stop when I went into my room cause she would look like a perv that way.

Anyway, I started crying tears of blood and then I slit both of my wrists. They got all over my clothes so I took them off and jumped into the bath angrily while I put on a Linkin Park song at full volume. I grabbed a steakand almost stuck it into my heart to commit suicide. I was so fucking depressed! I got out of the bathtub and put on a black low-cut dress with lace all over it sandly. I put on black high heels with pink metal stuff on the ends and six pairs of skull earrings. I couldn’t fucking believe it. Then I looked out the window and screamed… Safiy was spying on me and he was taking a video tape of me! And Joojo was masticating to it! They were sitting on their broomsticks.

“EW, YOU FUCKING PERVS, STOP LOOKING AT ME NAKED! ARE YOU PEDOS OR WHAT!” I screamed putting on a black towel with a picture of Marilyn Mason on it. Suddenly Vampire ran in.

“Abra Kedavra!” she yelled at Safiya and Joojo pointing his womb. I took my gun and shot Safiya and Jooojo a gazillion times and they both started screaming and the camera broke. Suddenly, Gracy ran in. “Roisin, it has been revealed that someone has - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” she shouted looking at Safiya and Joojo and then he waved his wand and suddenly…

Hargrid ran outside on his broom and said everyone we need to talk.

“What do you know, Hargrid? You’re just a little Hogwarts student!”

“I MAY BE A HOGWARTS STUDENT….” Hargirid paused angrily. “BUT I AM ALSO A SATANIST!”

“This cannot be.” Safiy said in a crisp voice as blood dripped from her hand where Gracy’s wand had shot him. “There must be other factors.”

“YOU DON’T HAVE ANY!” I yelled in madly.

Joojo held up the camera triumelephantly. “The lens may be ruined but the tape is still there!”

I felt faint, more than I normally do like how it feels when you do not drink enough blood.

“Why are you doing this?” Joojo said angrily while he rubbed his dirty hands on his clook.

And then I heard the words that I had heard before but not from her. I did not know whether to feel shocked and happy or to bite her and drink her blood because I felt faint.

“BECAUSE…BECAUSE….” Hargid said and he paused in the air dramitaclly, waving his wand in the air. Then swooped he in singing to the tune of a gothic version of a song by 50 Cent.

“Because you’re goffic?” Safiy asked in a little afraid voice cause she was afraind it meant she was connected with Satan.

“Because I LOVE HER!”