Sandman Sentiments #8

My search for an apprentice has been fruitless so far.  It may be that I am not applying myself very heavily to this position’s fulfillment.  However, I thought with the swelling of the working population come summer, surely some brave young soul would be a willing employee. I would like to think myself a fair minded person, but my ability to connect to youth is impaired by my profession and its propriety.

While I enjoy visiting with local students over tea, scones, or happenstance encounter, I believe it to be unwise to express an incautious interest in the lives of youth.  As an undertaker, my dealings with death discomfort the living, and make them slightly suspicious as to my intentions in cultivating a relationship.  There are tall tales as to my colleagues shaking hands with a fellow and sizing them up for their funeral suit and coffin dimensions.

However, I endeavor to be careful and gracious to all whom I meet.  I do not condone careless tones and words, but do not mind lighthearted jests.  Cleverness and turns of phrase amuse me, and poetry grants a lovely voice to emotions and other intangible elements.  When my friends are saddened and depressed by the weight of life’s obligations and responsibilities, I strive to encourage them.  They are important to me, and I am not insincere in my compliments.

When one has seen as many broken lives, and how they end, I earnestly hope to repair where I can the damage which is wrought.  I have been proxy witness to the scatter-chart of emotions brought to the surface by the spotlight of the Domino testing.  Some are thirsty for fame, for an escape from perceived mediocrity in an unremarkable existence in this town.  There are some who are uncomfortable with the vulnerability of exposing their private lives to the world’s scrutiny.

Social media makes us citizens of a broader network, whose territories are unfamiliar and full of potential.  It is a frightening and exciting world in which connections are formed quickly, and lost just as suddenly.  Netiquette in communications is often superseded by the ease and rapidity of making oneself heard.  But, just because your messages are seen, does not mean that they are understood.  Especially in the brevity of Twitter, in which special care must be taken to convey your intended message.

While I am cautiously optimistic about the next official Pemberley Digital installment, I will withhold judgment of its effects until its stability is rooted in a more widespread familiarity with the application. Have a lovely night.

Sandman Sentiments #6

Today, most of the town settled down in the idea of Domino, with the demonstration by the lovely Clara Barton of “Trick or Treat” ice cream. While this is one great mystery solved, I visited the source of another one: Dolphinton.  Despite the ill publicity afforded by Miss Becky’s trial over Jawsica’s death, they have decided to continue discussion over the installation of a nuclear refinery.

As the coroner for the area, it is within my duties to represent my profession’s interests and offer counsel. The argument in favor claims it will create jobs, setting an example for others to follow, and building town’s awareness of security.  It is with the last portion that I take issue. So soon after one of their own was found to be mentally unstable, it raises the question of whether there are further undiagnosed cases.

While not a psychologist, I am a student of human nature through my interest in natural philosophy.  These two events paint Dolphinton’s carefully crafted “paradise” community reputation from their brochures.  A nuclear site, no matter how safe and cleanly run, causes pause to tourists’ plans to visit.  Also, it exacerbates the tension with Sanditon & surrounding towns. The possibility of a domestic arsenal being constructed under our watches would make for a darker tint to our traditionally athletic”Suburban warfare.”

If it was in better timing and correlation, I might have applauded Dolphinton’s initiative as a progressive measure to pioneer a brave new world. As it is, the counsel has moved to postpone the issue to a later date.  They agreed with my supposition that it was “too soon,” but want to keep negotiations open with the international energy company Amegi Enterprises. This young corporation is eager to expand to the states, & has an award-nominated human resource structure. It is also praised for its highly interactive & integrative Tesla Movement marketing branding which donates a portion of profits to help set up cheap energy in impoverished communities.

Overall, I learned much in the open discussion of the concerns, opportunities, & issues involved when negotiating with a foreign firm’s installation in a community.  It has given me a greater appreciation for the job that Mayor Tom Parker and his staff have done in cultivating the accessibility and freedom of a globally based culture within our community.  These free sprinkles & craft nights held by Clara Breton at Sanditon Scoops have also become common touchstones over which we can connect and learn from one another. It is good to live in Sanditon.

Sandman Sentiments #5

I am not sure how to contextualize today.  Cecil the Seagull died, and the people of this town are mourning again.  It is both touching that we value the life of one of God’s creatures so highly, & sad that businesses feel the need to shut down after each instance.

Death is a part of life.  It is the period, the full stop where the readers of history pause and consider the sentence which just ended.  What did we learn from the words used and the arrangement of its contents?  But it is just that - a pause.  History is an ongoing tale, where sentences build upon one another.  Some are lost in the sweep of the story, but their effect is remembered as if a shadow.  Others burn bright and lovely, touching the hearts of any who witnessed that person’s portion.

It is my job to act as a sort of editor to the life which was lost - collecting the dangling participles of the rough draft and smoothing them into an shortened eulogy which can comprehended.  It is not a sin of omission, because the whole story would swallow the time of others.  No man can recall all the details of his own life. God alone keeps a full account.  I want to remember the good times publically, and muse over the difficult portions in private.  It is considered imprudent to speak ill of the dead, because the subject is in no position to argue.

However, I am sure that my experiences with the deceased is incomplete, subject to interpretation, and muddled by the tide of time.  Some flotsam is bigger and creates a deep impression which sticks in the shore of my mind.  It is the same with others. This is why we invite those present at the wake, showing, and funeral to share their stories of the recently departed.  The picture becomes clearer when the notes are collected, organized, and shared.

I know that a seagull is one of God’s creatures, and will handle it with the respect which it deserves.  But if we weep and shut down after the death of our avian friend who did not talk, eat, argue, cry, dance, sing, or smile with us, how much more will we mourn for our neighbors with whom we do these things?

A life is a life, no matter how small

Pauper or rich, He cares for them all.

Equally started, equal in end.

What is important happens within.

Sandman Sentiments #1

It has been quite an exciting day in Sanditon - the city has finally wired Internet service to replace the intranet with which I have lived the past 15 years. Sanditon One News reports that service provision speed will increase gradually, as today’s activity spike has dampened the initial effectiveness. We are all curious & excited concerning the beta testing of Pemberley Digital’s Domino application in our area.
I have created social media accounts to document my observations, within legal beta parameters of course.
I am the proprietor of Sandition Sandman, a funeral facility which prepares residents for their final rest. I am 434.23 months old, having experience in my field for one third of this. I am a person who enjoys exactitude, procedure, & structure in many areas of life.
I have a habit of overanalysis, which occasionally distances my attention from the present. I do enjoy engaging new residents over darjeeling & scones at the local shoppe, or discussing favorite books at Figments. The book club Readiton piques my intellectual curiosity, as they’ve kept the first subject as a surprise.
I am grieved by the news of Jawsica Sharkson’s recent passing, over which I am presiding. There is word that private investigator Rammi Glomp is close to concluding the case details. The chief suspect is Becky Dolphinton, from a neighboring town with which we have a friendly rivalry. The seahorse bowl has been a traditional event for years. The sculpture’s paint has dulled over the years, but it is implicitly indecent to suggest altering its appearance now.
My evening cup of chai is cooling in its saucer, I hope to have more to report soon. Summer always brings interesting visitors & stories to our charming community.

Sandman Sentiments #9

How curious, Edward Denham was being positively loquacious and flirtatious with Miss Gigi Darcy today. This was the most I have ever heard him speak in sequence.  Perhaps if I was an attractive young lady, I might be heard by him, or if I was one of his aunts, that I would be heeded.

Mr. Denham is a bit reckless with his position as assistant to our haplessly beloved mayor, Tom Parker. I suspect that Denham is trying to hitch his train out of town to Domino. If we were a more disagreeable town, we might ride him out on the rail. However, that is too much fuss and flummox to merit our general attention.

While I am slightly disapproving of his tactless tactics displayed today, I am far more overruled by quiet amusement.  He does have a certain charmed life about him.  I am slightly curious by how it will affect Tom.

I am tired out by my labors today, but am relieved to take on a potential apprentice today in a reluctant Sanditon. More will be decided on the morrow. For now, I shall enjoy taking in To Kill A Mockingbird with Gregory Peck.

Sandman Sentiments #3

Today marked the young Miss Gigi’s arrival in Sanditon.  Our beloved mayor, Tom Parker, had a conversation with her via the Domino Application.  As fine a leader as he may be, his expertise did not extend to the technological aspects.  Tom has even managed to open a twitter account, which his assistant talked him through.  This assistant,Edward Denham, has the hearts of most eligible young ladies in the area.  He did our town proud with his fleeting appearance.

Clara Breton, owner of the ice cream shoppe “Sanditon Scoops” was remarkable eloquent under the spotlight.  She announced through Domino that she plans on offering the promotion of “Free sprinkles” on every order placed tonight.  Meanwhile, Tom talked of revitalizing the look of the downtown area: Integrating the “new Sanditon” with our traditional small town charm.

I understand that he is a visionary with plans to put us on the map.  I know how much he’s worked to smooth the Pemberley Digital beta testing team’s arrival.  But we are a town not used to sudden changes to our way of life.  Novelties such as this Domino application have piqued our curiosity and allowed us an opportunity to showcase Sanditon.

I spoke to Sanditon History’s Genevieve Derrick & Luke Gendry concerning their dispute over the issue.  I would advise a wait-and-see mentality when it comes to change.  People don’t like being driven with a cattle prod of law and command. However, if they are coaxed, persuaded, and given incentive or a proper perspective? They will arrive at their destination before they realize how they reached it.

Change is a part of life, adapting is a means of surviving and staying relevant.  However, I hope we do not lose sight of our history - how we came to be who we are and from where we originated. The freshness from adaptation and the structure of tradition intertwine to form our community’s identity.  Domino hasn’t changed our town quite yet, just stirred some underlying issues to the surface. If we give it some time and consider openly where we are going, Pemberley Digital’s platform could be a positively providential medium for a forum in which to conduct these discussions.

Sandman Sentiments #2

It was a fine sunday morning for me. I leisurely browsed social media as new accounts awakened and new friends were made.  Among these was the mysterious “Sanditon Spider,” a rogue brown recluse who has settled in the town.  Our beloved local Private investigator, Rammi Glomp, took its arrival as a personal inquiry.  Her well-documented hunt for the Spider has an official spotify playlist provided by Sanditon Records.

I fear that this unfortunate first impression has only worsened the situation with the intelligent arachnid.  This eight limbed spinner of intricate masterpieces has established an online presence on the interwebs.  Already, it has been mentioned in Sanditon News One broadcasts and Sanditon 911 reports.  The tone of these messages are tinged with a flavor of species profiling which is unbecoming of our charming community’s image.  

I would prefer to avoid prejudice when it comes to meeting any individual, and am willing to communicate with this clever recluse.  It appears to be provoked by the mutterings of fear and suspicion, living an elusive lifestyle while being preemptively aggressive in its ominous tweets.  This only reinforces the stereotype of the Spider as unreasonable and having something to hide.

I propose to break this cycle of paranoia and biting criticism.  I am willing to hear the Spider out, to understand how it intends to live in Sanditon, and how we might help.  Just like Becky Dolphinton’s trial concerning the untimely demise of Jawsica Sharkson by curling iron, she is an exception to the rule.  Dolphinton residents are not our enemies, & neither are spiders.  There are outliers from the general trends in behavior, and we can make a change by choosing to hear out those whose lives are unfamiliar to our own experience.

I was just discussing this with Sanditon Spirits owner, Elizabeth Almond. She suffers from arachnophobia and was wondering whether the Spider posed a threat to her.  I reassured her that the Sanditon Spider does not appear to intend to harm her if she does not give it cause.  I believe it is like overcoming any problem, taking it one step at a time, with a clear head and clean conscience. Acceptance comes with understanding the other party’s perspective.  I vote that we give the Sanditon Spider a chance to be understood.