Meet the Forrest Gump of India ************************************ It was just a physical test for recruitment of police constables in Sriganganagar district in Rajasthan on March 26. But the results in the 10km run left officials stunned. The aspiring constables were needed to cover 10km in one hour to pass. But, a 24-year-old completed the course in almost half the time! Sandip Acharya, from a non-descript village in Hanumangarh district, crossed the line in just 33 minutes, which is nearly as good as the national record. Senior police officers conducting the tests made him run another 1.5 km, which he did in four minutes. IGP, Bikaner, Girdhari Lal Sharma, confirmed that Sandip had indeed run the mandatory 10 km in 33 minutes. “Forrest Gump has been one of my all-time favorite movies and watching Sandip run was as if the character was in front of me. He was running like the wind,” said a police officer in the recruitment committee. Sandip, of Kihanpura Uttarada village, is not even aware that his finish time is hot on trail of the national record. Athlete Surendra Singh, who runs in state-of-the-art running shoes on synthetic tracks, holds the Indian 10,000m record of 28 minutes and 2 seconds. He did so in Vigo, Spain, on July 12, 2008. Kashinath Aswale has the national 10 km road record of 29:43 minutes. Had Sandip run in proper gear, he might have shaved off a few more minutes, said one cop. And yet, Sandip may not make it to the police. That’s because he didn’t apply under sports quota. “Had Sandip applied under sports quota, he would have been selected for sure. But because he didn’t, we can’t say if he would be selected,” said IGP Sharma. Sandip and his father are labourers. He dropped out of school after completing secondary education. As the family couldn’t afford sending him to school, he graduated through correspondence. He never trained for running or followed a dietary regime. “I had appeared in a written exam for police constable recruitment in June 2014. I came to know that I had passed when the results were announced a couple of months later. I then started preparing for the physical test,” said Sandip. “A 10km stretch separates my village from the next one. I started running on the road connecting the two villages,” said Sandip. IGP Sharma expects Sandip to run much faster in tournaments. IGP Sharma added that another aspirant, Shrawan Kumawat, completed the run in 35 minutes. “Shrawan had applied under the sports quota because he had won gold medal in an inter-university competition. Shrawan has been selected. We will train him to participate in police tournaments,” said the IG.

The Unbearable Burden of Being Sophie Hunter

Sandip Roy Posted: 11/09/2014

By Indian aunty standards, the engagement of a 38-year-old “never married” man should be greeted by nothing other than sheer relief. God be praised, finally, before all our teeth fell out.
However when that 38-year-old is Benedict Cumberbatch, the reaction is one long howl of disbelief heard around the world as ladies everywhere collectively wail “Nooooo”. That shriek drowned out even the groans of Democrats in America pulverized in the mid-term polls.
But now that the grim reality of that simple old-fashioned formal announcement inThe Times has finally sunk in, Cumberbatch fans everywhere can reflect on what it really means. It’s not the end of the world. In fact, while Sophie Hunter might become mother to the Cumber-pups, she’s hardly the luckiest girl in the world.
Marrying the modern world’s most unlikely sex symbol means Sophie Hunter has just doomed herself to 24x7 inquisition by media. Her looks will be scrutinized with a magnifying glass mostly to find flaws to establish that she’s obviously not good enough for the “sexiest man alive”. Her every move will be dogged by paparazzi the way Princess Diana was and even more since Shy Di did not have to deal with rampaging social media. If she ever makes the mistake of trying to grab a coffee in sweatpants, without makeup and her hair still tousled from bed, she will be panned, pilloried and her photos shared around the world with cutting and cruel captions. (The same look for Benedict would be just so “unaffected” and “adorable” of course).
Even worse she will be Mrs. Cumberbatch in a world where women everywhere, and some men, will be only too happy to try and seduce her husband.

We have already learned everything about her educational qualifications - she can sing in French, read modern languages at Oxford, has acted in a Dr. Who spin-off and directed some offbeat plays including a puppet version of Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition.
Interesting. Quirky. Intelligent. Not exactly Amal Alamuddin aka Mrs George Clooney - drop dead gorgeous and an internationally renowned human rights lawyer. In that case Amanda Rose on BusinesswomanMedia had memorably quipped that given her qualifications the headlines should have read “Internationally acclaimed barrister Amal Alamuddin marries an actor”. But even Alamuddin apparently became ultra-conscious of her waistline after coming into the public eye as Mrs. Clooney, such are the pressures of being reflected in the golden eye of public scrutiny.
Benedict Cumberbatch is not the first heartthrob whose wedding will evoke hysteria. Elvis Presley and Bollywood’s own Rajesh Khanna evoked their share of delirium in far less hyper-connected times. And we just went through George Clooney playing the Dream Merchant of Venice at his own nuptials. Clooney of course is a more standard-issue sex symbol with rugged good looks and crinkly eyes and luckily for him he aged very well with the salt-and-pepper hair just adding to his rakish charm.
Benedict Cumberbatch was the unlikely sex symbol, kind of the alternative heart throb who has now become mainstream. He was the “thinking woman’s crumpet” and living proof that playing gay characters does not have to ruin your heterosexual appeal. In his case, it just made him so cool, he became even more hot. Or rather it became cool to find Benedict Cumberbatch hot and the world wide web was suddenly swarming with the Yaya sisterhood of self-proclaimed “Cumberbitches.”
Cumberbatch himself disarmingly told The Mirror he was mystified by his own sex appeal since he has also been likened to Sid the sloth from Ice Age.
“Do I like being thought of as attractive? I don’t know anyone on Earth who doesn’t, but I do find it funny. I look in a mirror and I see all the faults I’ve lived with for 35 years and yet people go kind of nuts for certain things about me. It’s not me being humble. I just think it’s weird.”
Cumberbatch is lucky. His choice of roles has worked for him. He was part of a reinvention of Sherlock Holmes that captured the imagination by its sheer chutzpah and ingenuity. It could have easily flopped because people tend to be very conservative when it comes to beloved icons like Holmes. And since then his apparent lack of starry airs has kept him more “real” and oddly vulnerable compared to many other stars.
In that sense, Cumberbatch seems to have chosen well - a smart intelligent “real” woman, not some fairy tale princess or supermodel. That’s probably what makes his wailing fans despair even more. At least a supermodel or even an Amal Alamuddin would have felt outside their league. In comparison Sophie Hunter seems a mere mortal, a slightly upgraded version of themselves, just with an Oxford degree.
But as a more worldly-wise friend pointed out to grieving fangirl, with celebrities the first marriage is never the one that counts. Before Alamuddin, Clooney had Talia Balsam, now long forgotten. We wish the Cumberbatch-Hunter union long life and every success but if the law of film star averages proves anything, every “Cumberbitch” might still have her day.

We just stuck sandip in the dialysis room and taped a sign on it that says “lunch thief jail”


Aegis Again Positioned as a Leader in the IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 List 2015

MUMBAI, April 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

Aegis Limited, a global outsourcing and technology services company, today announced that it has been featured in the Leaders category of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®) 2015 Global Outsourcing 100®. The Global Outsourcing 100 list serves as the essential industry reference of innovative outsourcing services companies in the world.

(Logo: )

Aegis was recognized by the IAOP for its performance in four survey assessment categories including Size and Growth, Delivery Excellence, Programs for Innovation, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Aegis is a veteran corporate member of the IAOP Global Outsourcing program since over 5 years now. Other than being cast as a Leader in the 2015 Global Outsourcing 100, Aegis is also cited in various sub-categories in the 2015 listings

  • CSR: Full Star – Highest Rated
  • Best Leaders in Number of Employees

Sandip Sen, Global CEO, Aegis Limited said, “This recognition is conferred on Aegis for demonstrating exceptional growth and performance in the provision of Business Process Management across global landscape. Our consistent inclusion in the IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 list is a result of our strong client engagements, domain expertise and multi-disciplinary customer experience strategy.”

“Buyers understand there are hundreds of qualified service providers and advisors out there, but what they really need to understand now is what makes each exceptional,” said IAOP CEO, Debi Hamill. “The new Global Outsourcing 100 and World’s Best Advisors have done just that. We’re proud to recognize Aegis Limited for being among the ‘highest rated’ companies in CSR.”

About Aegis

Aegis is a global outsourcing and technology services company committed to impacting clients’ business outcomes by focusing on enhancing customer experience across all touch points and channels. Aegis has operations in 43 locations across 9 countries with more than 40,000 employees. Aegis services over 150 clients from verticals such as Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Technology, Telecom, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Retail, and Energy & Utilities. The company is wholly owned by Essar, a USD 35 billion conglomerate. For more information, write to us or visit

Aegis Media Contact:
Aegis (Global)
Danveer Bhasin, Associate Vice President, Marketing
Aegis Limited
Phone : +91-9930135788

SOURCE Aegis Limited

Aegis Again Positioned as a Leader in the IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 List 2015 was originally published on Market News Release

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