Take me to the beach!  It began over 35 years ago.  It was another beautiful day at the beach… when Mr. Longley saw yet another broken sandal littering the very beach he was enjoying.  That gave him an idea.  Why not make a better sandal, one that would last a long time and be comfortable?  So the process began.  He researched and experimented until the formula was just right.  The final product was Rainbow Sandals, quality sandals that are second to none.  Rainbow Sandals are created by hand, using specially formulated glue to keep the layers together and the straps in place.  They have various densities of sponge rubber with “memory” to mold to each individuals feet.  It’s this reputation of comfort and durability that has been passed on from customer to customer.  Word of mouth and proof of product is how we have grown.


Happy Earth Day! Do your part by doing something outside today. Plant a tree, bike to work, play with your kids in the park, or walk your dog.  Inside you can unplug your TV or video games, conserve water with quick showers and not letting the water run when you brush your teeth, and turning out the lights when not in use.  Don’t forget to recycle!  We would love to hear how you’re celebrating.


Looking to spice up your boat shoes? Check out this picture to see an example of how you can customize your own Sperrys!  I recommend Sharpie Oil Based Paint Markers. These are the kind that you shake before using. They are permanent, and they take a few minutes to “prime,” or get the ink flowing to the tip. Test them on paper before using on leather, and keep an eye on the tip. Sometimes with these markers, too much ink will flow and this floods the tip. If that happens to your marker, don’t risk using it and just get a fresh one. Use the ‘extra fine’ markers for outlining, and the ‘fine’ markers for filling in colors. A ‘medium’ size is also available but is probably too large for your shoe needs. These markers come in a pretty big variety of colors in art supply stores, and in basic-color multi-packs in of­fice supply stores. I recommend using metallic, as gold and silver look great on brown and grey leather. Drawing and painting on shoes works best on smooth leather. Suede and textured leather and fabric don’t take the artwork as evenly. I recommend customizing styles like the classic A/O.  When your work is finished and dried completely, extend the life of the artwork (and leather shoe) by spraying it with a clear silicone leather protectant.

Let’s take a moment to talk about #MinnetonkaBoots. They are, of course, a hot trend for this fall. Pair them with a cute slim tunic tank, leggings, and one of the season’s sleek long cardigans to look fabulous on the weekend or for a casual evening out. They would also be great with a denim jacket, sweater dress, or skinny jeans. During the warmer days it is almost just as certain you will see girls wearing them with denim shorts, a long flow tunic dress, a cute little sun dress, and even a casual mini skirt! Either way the looks are easy, and comfortable! You can wear them with almost anything especially if you have a Bohemian Clothing Personality. http://ow.ly/qKmbP http://ow.ly/i/3HETa

Things are really starting to come together at our new Surf and Sport Shop in Orange Beach. The room has been painted and new fixtures are being built.  I think y’all will be impressed.  We will be sure to post some pics of the finished store.   Hurley has just arrived, so that makes three brands so far.  Sorry ladies, so far everything that has arrived is for the guys, but your merchandise will be here soon!