This, dear follower, is my ultimative favourite character ever. I’m still not over the fact we actually cosplayed the Edge Chronicles and yeah… I’m not able to put my emotions into words. More pictures together with my wonderful Cowlquape will follow soon!
The Edge Chronicles is my favourite a fantasy novel series by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.

Twig/Arborinus Verginix [Midnight over Sanctaphrax] (The Edge Chronicles)

Photographer - Sally

i’ve been laughing for somewhere close to 40 years because both the sentences “Quint, essentially, you’re a douchebag.” and “Quintessentially, you’re a douchebag.” can be used to describe quintinius verginix

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Set 3 - Dangerous glade [own thoughts and original storyline]
 If you’re trapped inside the Deepwoods and forced to face almost overall darkness and the scary things that tend to happen there, a bright clearing may feel like a deep inhaling after you’ve been under water for too long. As beautiful as such a glade within the woods may seem, their beauty makes them even more dangerous. Creatures making use of the effect an opening like this one creates for a group of lost travellers or an exhausted animal are devious and deathly - and also some of the most cruel entities the Deepwoods contains.
That’s what happened to Twig, Cowlquappe, Goom and especially Spooler after they managed it to just barely escape the slave market.
They let their guard down even though at least three of them know about the pitfalls of this world, benumb by daily routine. Even Cowlquape starts to relax and actually enjoying his stay in the Deepwoods - which isn’t a mistake overall, but letting down your guard is undoubetly.
Although the prowlgrims start to get nervous and end up fleeing right afterwards none of the group was prepared for what occured on this specific glade. Spooler pays for it with his own life…
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Twig/Arborinus Verginix [Midnight over Sanctaphrax] (The Edge Chronicles)

The Edge Chronicles is my favourite fantasy novel series by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.
Cowlquape Pentephraxis - pu
Photographer - Sin

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You don't have to reply to this or anything but I just realised I wasn't following you and I thought I had been for ages! Great blog, I love it, you RP really well :)

Varda looked at her Mun from her place. The Valie was sitting on a pile of books and papers. She was staring at the Mun who left her usual spot before her laptop and started to run in circles.
The Valie sat on her Mun’s seat and looked at the sweet ask they got today. She smiled and laid her hands on the keyboard. It was strange to use letters different from tengwar, but she learned to do that.
[text:] Thank you, dear Child. Your words brought us great joy and made my Mun dance and sing like a crazy Noldorin minstrel. Feel free to always come and talk to us.

//the 4th wall is for mortals, not for the Valar

i was tagged by adinofdel (eyy mom xD) sooooo here goes!

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weeeell, my usual thing is if you feel like doing it and you coma across this post, just go right ahead friends!


Set 4 - Ups and downs [own thoughts]
The Deepwoods are full of surface irregularities, bold hills and rugged valleys, flat landscapes and, as it is well known thanks to the Rook-Saga, great lakes too.
It’s difficoult to retain orientation whether being high up in the air aboard a skyship or trapped within the woods themself. Twig, as a skypirate, knows about those pitfalls and tries to avoid them if possible. Therefore he makes use of everything he knows thanks to all those years he spent high up in the air. His group doesn’t really have a tangible designation; all they have is their aim to find the rest of the crew, not really knowing where they might be by now. The only thing he can do is make sure they keep moving forward without going around in an endless circuit.
To keep track of their route he depends on the position of the sun as well as the stars - and hills that are high enough to give him at least some kind of overview.
Even though Cowlquape still struggles because of his fear of hights he accompanies Twig (and stays close to him as soon as they approach a cliff) because he wonders about this landscape and would love to have it pictured on a map.
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Twig/Arborinus Verginix [Midnight over Sanctaphrax] (The Edge Chronicles)

The Edge Chronicles is my favourite fantasy novel series by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.
Cowlquape Pentephraxis - pu
Photographer - Sin

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(cont 2) sanctaphrax though, early first age of flight and the myths like kobold the wise are my fave and i don't know if we'll hear any more of that aspect since we've progressed so far down the timeline now. hmm this really isn't much of a question sorry, just a spilling of ideas! I HAVEN'T SPOKEN TO ANYBODY ABOUT THESE BOOKS FOR TOO LOOONG

Hi! There are quite a few of us on here now, if you keep an eye on The Edge Chronicles tag you’ll see some more people!

I think the Linius thing is quite interesting really because he obviously had a lot of faults in his work and personally especially  with Maris and Quint, but I suppose some might say the way he tried to keep the work of the Earth Scholars going, despite what those around him thought, was a good thing. But that’s only really in his work I suppose. Does anyone else have opinions on this??

But don’t worry, hopefully now you can talk about The Edge a lot more now!!