woop another sketchbook dump! not as much cause i havent been drawing in it much lately. also as usual it’s all sancirc.

also the pencil i used for these was different and a bit lighter, so it came out differently with the scanner… sorry bout that!

click through for captions!

Just felt like drawing something and since I didn’t want to draw my own OCs I decided to draw some fanart of OCs that recently took a little part in my life, starting with Attley from SanCirc from http://sancirc.tumblr.com/

So far I enjoy this series. I really like the art style and the characters are very intersting and don’t get me started at the expressions. Even though it took me quite some time to grasp that the protagonist is a girl and not a guy LOL because I am just tooooooo used to tell genders apart by….. well… their typical ‘gender’ related features (body shapes, more defined eyelashes, boobs.. that stuff x’D). I guess Attley is supposed to be a pretty tomboy type of girl and I think it suits her design very well.

Sooooo… well she looks more girlish in my style but I hope that’s not too bad or something unforgivable because I really tried my best to stick to her more boyish appearance u w u

In any case I hope windy will like it?

Surprise, Surprise, I guess ♥




Hey everyone! As promised, here is the debut of my new webcomic, Sanity Circus, or SanCirc as I affectionately call it. I spent the past week working on these pages and they were a blast!

The update schedule is going to be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ! This includes tomorrow, but only on the SSP website (dA from now on will always be a page behind).

Please note this comic will have violence and possibly scary imagery (all of which probably in the pages currently up), so if that bothers you I’ll have you warned.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy! This thing has been my baby since December, and I’m happy to finally be working on it. As always, signal boosts are appreciated, thank you! <3


(a sanity circus playlist—happy 50 pages!! an assortment of electro swing, jazz and rock)


1. heroines - diablo swing orchestra | 2. st. james ballroom - alice francis | 3. harvey - the electric swing circus | 4. swing that thang - the prairie cats | 5. black dog barking - airbourne | 6. prostitute - guns n’ roses | 7. the draw - bastille | 8. bleeding out - imagine dragons | 9. mellifluous - the electric swing circus | 10. voodoo mon amour - diablo swing orchestra | 11. cool cat in town (killawatt remix) - tape five | 12. so long-farewell-goodbye - big bad voodoo daddy