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BEIJING, Jan. 10, according to Taiwan’s “United Daily News” reported that Taiwan was wanted by Japanese police suspect murder Zhiyang Zhang female students,, the evening of 9 in Nagoya found by the police, the police took him to the police station to confirm the identity,louboutin, the police arrive near the entrance, he suddenly took possession of a knife stab neck pre-death.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department held a press conference on the 9th evening, announced in Tokyo on suspicion of killing a Zhiyang Zhang Lin Zhi Ying and dead. Kumagai Metropolitan Police Public Relations Division Director of the Taiwan media said Zhiyang Zhang is a SKE in Nagoya theater watching the show (AKB48 sister performing groups), was found by the police.

Police in Taipei time at 17:21 on the 9th, in Nagoya City, Jin Sanchome 24 Fan fourth of SKE theater found Zhiyang Zhang,tn pas cher, several police interrogation approached and asked if he was Zhiyang Zhang,louboutin, Zhiyang Zhang nodded and said “yes”, The police asked him to “arbitrary peers (non-arrest),louboutin pas cher,” for him to do a simple check and found that his alien registration card,, Zhiyang Zhang to the police that he was “Touledongxi” obediently with the county police car.

The car is gone ten minutes, the police arrived in Aichi. Police escorted off Zhiyang Zhang, was about to walk into the entrance of the Police Department,tiffany outlet, the Zhiyang Zhang suddenly took possession of the pre-knife, stabbed to his neck, and suddenly a lot of bleeding nose and mouth,moncler sito ufficiale, the police immediately called an ambulance,hogan outlet, sent him to the hospital first aid. 19:56, the hospital announced Zhiyang Zhang died.

Police said Zhiyang Zhang in the car had a short conversation with a Chinese-speaking police officers, with the Chinese, he said: “I’m sorry already died and Lin Zhi Ying”, “relatives and friends are very sorry.”

When Zhiyang Zhang was found, wearing glasses, wearing a black half-length jacket,abercrombie pas cher, dark blue jeans, white sneakers. Body with mobile phones,woolrich outlet, packet of toilet paper, wallets and alien registration card. Zhiyang Zhang self-blade knife, about 11 centimeters,hollister,, handle about 10 cm, blade width of 3 cm, it seems like a fruit knife, but whether it is killing two female students of the weapon has not been confirmed.

Metropolitan Police said the remains Zhiyang Zhang processing, but also the police and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and other Aichi negotiation. But the Metropolitan Police hinted that because the suspect has died, it will ultimately be those who have died of suspected “book class approach” closed without prosecution of suspects. Police said they found Zhiyang Zhang,hollister france, etc. Zhiyang Zhang families will come to Japan in the aftermath of a very fortuitous situation.

Lin Zhi Ying is Tokyo arrange the funeral and Zhu Lijie two families of the girls last night by Zhu Lijie’s father came forward to accept media interviews. He said Zhiyang Zhang committed suicide had seen the news on television, although the suspect is dead,hogan, but the motive for the crime and the truth is not clear, the families did not explain.

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