Top Scorers | Premier League

Diego Costa   [Chelsea]   |   17 goals in 21 games

Sergio Aguero   [Manchester City]   |   17 goals in 23 games

Charlie Austin   [Queens Park Rangers]   |   15 goals in 24 games

Harry Kane   [Tottenham Hotspur]   |   14 goals in 23 games

Alexis Sanchez   [Arsenal]   |   13 goals in 25 games

Saido Berahino   [West Bromwich Albion]   |   12 goals in 28 games

Papiss Cisse   [Newcastle United]   |   11 goals in 19 games 

Robin Van Persie   [Manchester United]   |   10 goals in 24 games

Olivier Giroud   [Arsenal]   |   10 goals in 17 games

David Silva   [Manchester City]   |   10 goals in 22 games

Stats from Squawka


It’s only been a week ago you gave birth to your little girl, Alexa. You and Alexis loves the name and loves the idea that her father’s name is Alexis. Alexis, Alexa. You are now home in your lovely home, you, Alexis and little Alexa. Since you came home, which was two days ago, Alexis has been really carrying. He doesn’t let you do anything, he wants to do everything, he makes sure you have all what you want, he asks you at least thirty times in an hour how you feel. But you love how caring he is, it isn’t only with you, but also Alexa. He lifts her up in his arms so carefully, kisses her head soft and lovely. He really loves her which makes you happy.

You are sleeping very peacefully, with Alexa between you and Alexis. Alexa begins to cry and before you can help her, Alexis is already helping. He’s sitting on the bed, hugged her gentle, rubbing her back. It’s so beautiful to look at, it melts your heart to see what a good father Alexis is. You crawl over to them and give both a kiss on the cheek.

"You’re such a good father," you say all sleepy with a cute smile. Alexis chuckle and faces Alexa, she’s calm, and now she’s looking at her parents.

"She’s so beautiful," Alexis says and smiles at his daughter, you notice and smile too.

"Yes she is," you smile and rest your head on his shoulder.

"She got it from you, the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world," Alexis says, as always being so sweet.

"Thank you," you said and kiss his shoulder soft.

"Here take Alexa," he says as he hands me her. I take care of her in my arms and looks at him.

"I’m going to make us some breakfast, okay?" He asks.

"I wanna help," you say trying to stand up, you did for a bit but Alexis pulled you down again.

"No. Stay here, play with Alexa, fall asleep again if you feel like it. I’m making breakfast." He says and places a soft kiss on both of your heads. You watch Alexis take a shirt on and walk out of the room. You go back to lay down on the bed with Alexa, to wait on the breakfast.

Alexis are in the kitchen, wondering what he shall make and what he can make.

"I’m not the best but yea," he says as he takes eggs out of the fridge to make an omelet for you and him. Before he start on anything, it jumps into his head that Alexa need to get some food too which only you can give. He runs upstairs and open the door.

"Y/N! -" he stops as he see’s you’re already feeding her.

"Calm down Alexis, I couldn’t forget," you wink and see him relax, he shook his head at himself as he laughs. He walks back downstairs to start on making those omelets.

He finishs and walks upstairs again to inform you. He walks in and see his daughter asleep again.

"She’s sleeping again? Is she okay? Is it normal to sleep again?" He asks worried. You can’t help but laugh, he’s way too cute! You stand up from the bed and walk over to him, you wrap your arms around his waist and look at him.

"Alexis, she’s a baby they sleep a lot. It’s normal. Don’t worry she’ll wake up soon." You smile and kiss his lips soft, he smiles and nods his head.

"The food is ready btw," he tell, you smile at him and nod.

"Let’s go then," you say, you take his hand and then you walk together to the kitchen. Alexis pulls a chair out for you, you smile and sit down, he pulls the chair in and you thank him. He walks over to the counter and comes back with two plates.

"I hope you like it," he smiles, you look at the food.

"It looks delicious!" You smile

"What would you like to drink? I dont know if you still want something special right after giving birth to a baby." He says. You smile cause you remember how Alexis would just drop everything to get what you wanted. Once 3 am you woke him up cause you wanted a hotdog, all he did was to make sure if you could be alone for some minutes and then he was out to get you a hotdog.

"I dont want anything special as before, but I’d love some orange juice," you smile, he nods and get’s two glasses and the orange juice. He pours up and sits over for you. You smile at each other and begin to eat.

"How does it taste?" He asks nervous, you giggle and look at him.

"Alexis it’s delicious! I’m proud of you," you wink and he looks calm.

"Thanks baby," he says. Whenever he says that to you, you feel like the first time he said it to you.

While you’re talking and eating, you can hear a sound … A sound of a baby crying. Alexis’s eyes widen up.

"Stay here!" He says and runs upstairs to Alexa. He walks into the room and sees his daughter cry, he pouts and lifts her up in the arms.

"It’s okay princess, papi is here," he whispers as he rubs her back and walk around to calm her down. Alexis feels some arms around his waist and hears his daughter say a cute sound. He turns around and you take your hands off.

"Y/N I don’t want you to walk up and down the stairs all the time before you feel like the old you." He says worried

"Alexis don’t worry, I’m fine. You’re such a good father." You smile and kiss his cheek, he chuckle and smiles at you. You take Alexa out of his arms and in yours.

"Alexa you have the most caring father in the world. I wonder how he will be when you get older." You laugh

"That’s right! For everyday there comes new things." He says and you laugh at him.

"Alexis we’ll do this together, don’t you ever forget that." You smile

"I won’t." He smiles and kisses your lips.

"Want to go out for a walk with Alexa?" You ask and he nods. You place Alexa back on the bed. You and Alexis changes clothes and then you change Alexa’s clothes together. Now you’re ready for the walk.

If you're yearning for the start of things, cut the rope.

I dont understand peoples obsession with the begining of relationships, when its all blind loop kissing and big awkward smiles that pang dizzly into your dreams like the first 15 licks of lolipop sweetness.
It’s so much more beautiful when you’ve let it sit, when you’ve let the sap drain out and theres’ a casualness to the way they take the lengths of your hair and rearrange it in automatic movement, like they were fine tuning your thoughts to feel like the softness of hotspring water.
It’s richer, when you forget to kiss until halfway through the day, when you hang up the phone with abrupt goodbyes and worry free tones that are as infinitely neautral as stick shift pauses, and your conversations loosen into realness, and loss of watching the way words may stutter. I love the patience of making love, waiting till the conversation dwindles and the heavy script that did spill from one anothers tongues pulls lips together like maybe vowels got caught and mixed up.

Why on earth would you yearn for the beginings of love? Why would you yearn for monoemotional moments? Why would you ignore the oceans you are building?
How they remain still at times, with the slow pull of pretty current that smiles softly with seagull caw, Until the moment when your eyes catch, with full moon magnitude and you cant pull apart your hurricane kissing and sob coaxed laughter because you realize that the love in your stomachs is as strong as tidal waves, abnd their bodies feel like every slow gaze and regreted fit of anger, every smile and fake laughter, every tongue tied night with smoke clouds fleeting from between lips and knuckles, you see that every bookmarked emotion is still visible in their corneas like maybe thats whats making them change color, and you don’t for one second wish for how things were when you first met.