winter’s going  melodies that play on the breeze in the sleepy little valley town lost in time that sits just outside the city. the wood craftsman hums these songs, the criminal kills in the forest to these songs, the woman with the flowing skirt and beads in her hair sings these songs to passersby for a dime or two, the travelers on the highways to and from the city hear these songs on the radio and think “i think i’ve been here before in another life." (listen/download)

(i.) winter’s going - bonnie dobson  (ii.) blues run the game - jackson c. frank  (iii.) come wander with me - jeff alexander  (iv.) rhiannon - fleetwood mac  (v.) san francisco - scott mckenzie  (vi.) julia dream - pink floyd  (vii.) milk and honey - sandy denny  (viii.) california dreamin’ - the mamas & the papas  (ix.) my sweet lord - george harrison  (x.) seed of memory - terry reid (xi.) love henry - judy henske  (xii.) subterranean homesick blues - bob dylan

Most Popular Pins on Pinterest, again ...

To follow up on a grumble comment I made earlier, about how my visitors on Pinterest don’t seem to be very interested my personal favorite Pins … I guess I typed too soon!

I’m never certain about how these sites attract their audience, but it seems as if there’s a “tipping point” that you hit when you have about 650 or more Pins up on your boards there. The activity there has increased significantly as the addition of “Most Popular Pins” helped to increase the overall count, and even allowing that the trend may have arisen from how busy the ‘net is overall during the holiday season, it’s still going on. I suppose a lot of folks who’d been gifted with new ‘puters over the holidays are going online or something …

So, as the “Most Popular Pins” board continues to grow in unpredictable directions, it’s now beginning to include some of my personal favorites. Here’s a selection of those that have been added to PopPins recently. Most of these are still in the low ranks, and a few of them might not make the cut later on, so I thought I’d showcase them here on Tumblr.

San Lorenzo Valley entrance sign, Boulder Creek, CA

The “Welcome to San Lorenzo Valley” sign at Boulder Creek, CA, that greets travellers from Silicon Valley who take “the scenic route,” CA Route 9 into the Santa Cruz Mountains. It’s right at the bridge where the highway crosses Boulder Creek itself.

At #29, tied with 15 other Pins … I take note of this one because it’s the first time one of the few actual personal images I have up on Pinterest has earned its place on the PopPins board. Not a particularly distinguished photo as such, but locals seem to like it, so it got re-Pinned enough times to rank.

Bettie Page

At #19, tied with 4 other Pins … genuine curves, and a genuine smile … the signature of the Queen of Classic Pinups, Bettie Page. Most interesting aspect of this ranking is that all the re-Pins and Likes logged for Bettie’s picture seem to be from female Pinners.

Rocky Johnson

Bettie’s cheesecake is complemented by this beefcake lurking nearby!

Wayde Douglas Bowles, better known by his ring name of Rocky Johnson, is The Rock’s dad, as he looked In the early 1970s when he appeared on the Bay Area regional wrestling show, All Star Wrestling.

USS Macon rollout, 1933

At #28, one of my favorite photos of of the giant Navy airship U.S.S. Macon, which ruled Silicon Valley skies back in the 1930s. Here, she’s rolling out of Hangar One at Moffett Field in Mountain View, CA, sometime during 1933.

Amy Pond Faux-Nouveau

This Amy Pond faux-nouveau fan-art ranks #25, tied with 6 other Pins. As I already had the 1898 Alphonse Mucha poster that it’s based on, Dance, Pinned elsewhere, I’m throwing that in as an added attraction …


The Beached Freighter Dimitrios

The beached freighter Dimitrios, at Laconia, near the town of Gythio, Peloponessus, Greece. Also ranked #29 … simply a wonderful photo of a beached ship in the Greek islands.

The Waterbus Himiko

Also ranked #28, this photo of the intriguing waterbus Himiko. The famous manga artist Leiji Matsumoto, perhaps best known for creating the space vehicles featured in Space Battleship Yamato (better known in the US as Star Blazers), and numerous other sci-fi treats, was honored with the opportunity to design this vessel, which currently serves Tokyo Harbor as a combined water transport and tourist attraction.

Plaque Honoring Honouring the Inklings at Their Favorite Favourite Pub

A plaque placed on the wall inside The Eagle and Child pub, Oxford, UK, which should be self-explanatory. Also ranked #29 in December, this photo just made the cut at an opportune time, just ahead of the anniversary of J. R. R. Tolkien’s 121st birthday on January 3, 2013.

Lastly, about one of my favorites that everyone else seems to love, too …


Worth mentioning here … this Buffy demotivational first appeared on the PopPins board last October at #6, and apparently attracted such interest that it rose to #2 the following month. Sarah then pushed the photo of Sacramento’s Tower Bridge out of the #1 rank in December, and looks to stay there for awhile.

For more, visit my Most Popular Pins board on Pinterest.

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