Striking photos capture San Francisco before big tech took over 

Janet Delaney has been around to witness most of San Francisco’s dramatic transformation. In an exhibition on display at the de Young Museum, her photo project — Janet Delaney: South of Market — is fueling conversations around just how much has shifted, and what it means for the future of the city.


So we’ve all seen the first two photos: Hiro has obviously GROWN from the time Tadashi is alive to the time when the plot gets moving and Hiro moves out of his depressive state… but the question is, how long was our baby child in a state of depression?

A little research helped this along for me (simple google searches etc) and here’s what I found:

Going off of Caltech (California Institute of Technology, which I assumed would have basically the same frame as SFIT would) : Application Process is done by January 3, the Spring Semester begins on March 30. The fall semester begins mid September.

K, great to know! But I was confused. If Hiro applied in January and got accepted, why were there trees in full bloom with Tadashi (picture 3) and cherry blossom trees in full bloom after his depressive state (picture 4)? I live in Ontario Canada, and January is cold and snow, so was this in the summer? But then there’s the cherry blossoms, which come in spring… not fall, when school usually starts. Excuse my ignorance, but I had to consult the interweb some more.

So, google search helped me know weather in San Francisco:

Weather: Cherry blossoms bloom in spring- April to May. January still has trees in full bloom in San Francisco and is a very wet month.

Conclusion? If we go off of a regular school’s calendar as well as San Francisco weather patterns, it can be assumed that the Showcase was in January. In San Francisco and along the warm south-east cost, trees still have full foliage in the winter months. January is also a very wet month in San Francisco; hence rain at Tadashi’s funeral. Hiro was alone and depressed from January to May, when the Spring semester starts. His friends are all super smart so they would have assumedly all been at school for the spring semester too. Also, we see many cherry blossom trees in bloom. Cherry blossom trees bloom April- May. Now why Hiro was accepted into the Spring and not Fall semester is up for debate, but it he probably got some kind of early acceptance. Callaghan recognized his uniquely genius mind and probably used his superiority to get Hiro in ASAP. Maybe he even recognized that Hiro would want to be with Tadashi at school most of the time anyways so he put him right in. That may also be another reason a school like SFIT would call a few times to say that Hiro is still welcome. On average, if a regular college/ university student doesn’t show up for classes, they get an email, if that. See, if they’ve already paid it’s there loss, not the school’s if they don’t show up. This leads to wondering why SFIT actually called Hiro more than once to say he’s still welcome to come!  So Hiro got some kind of special acceptance and personal loss is understood in schools as reason for absence, but SFIT probably wanted Hiro to know that the offer still stands. They wanted him in their school. They could see that he’s an extremely valuable student to have.  

All that jubberjabber asside, here’s the real thing to take away: Hiro grew over five months of being alone in a state of depression. Our baby child was depressed for FIVE MONTHS people! This is NOT okay!!