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Customer of the Year: Kristina

Customer of the Year: Kristina

           Meet our customer of the year- Kristina! She’s an up-beat, sociable woman who has lived all over the map! After many years of living in San Diego, where she volunteered for the San Diego Fired Department, she, her husband, and their three pugs decided to move to a city that better fit their lifestyle (and fashion) needs. Just two days after moving to Portland, she stumbled upon our…

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Grease fire causes $1 million damage to P.B. AleHouse - U-T San Diego

Grease fire causes $1 million damage to P.B. AleHouse – U-T San Diego

Grease fire causes $1 million damage to P.B. AleHouse

U-T San Diego
PACIFIC BEACH — A grease fire caused an estimated $1 million damage to a popular Pacific Beach restaurant Monday, but customers and employees were able to safely get outside, a San Diego fire official said. Firefighters didn’t have to go far to reach
Kitchen fire damages Pacific Beach

Grease Fire…

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Fires ravaged San Diego County last week,charring more than 26,000 acres of drought-parched brush and dozens of homes and buildings in the process. A combination of unseasonable triple-digit temperatures, extremely low humidity and hot winds blowing in from the desert stoked the blazes, kicking off what promises to be a historically destructive wildfire season.

Stand close to me while the sky is falling.
I don’t wanna be left alone..

The world is on fire.
It’s more than I can handle.
I’ll tap into the water, try and bring my share.

I’ll try and bring more
more than I can handle
bring it to the table
bring what I am able..



PLEASE blast this!! This week California was up in flames in the San Diego fires. The temperature was extremely high, along with winds and the humidity was very low. My family got the 911 call telling them to evacuate on Wednesday morning. About two minutes after they got the call, the house was already in flames. Our house is the photo below. Thankfully my family all evacuated and is now safe. But we’ve completely lost everything. Among everything, my family had an extensive Disney collection (including a lot of memorabilia from the 50s and 70s.) My uncle has been collecting his entire life. So my family and I are putting together a secret Disney care package to send their way to hopefully make this transition a little easier. And what better way to cheer someone up after something so devastating than with a little Disney magic? My uncle has been a police officer, helping the community for years and I hope the community can now help give back. So I’m reaching out to everybody in the hopes we can help my family in this extremely hard time. If you have any Disney memorabilia you are willing to part with, or really ANYTHING at all to help, it would mean the world. I thank you all SO much for your support. You can ship stuff to Vickie Gilmore, CHP office, 11363 McCourtney Rd, Grass Valley, CA, 95949. If you can’t ship something, but you still want to help don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. Also I’ve started collecting donations. I’m just trying to help my family in any way possible. PLEASE REBLOG and like this and SHARE! Help get the word out about my family. Again, thank you all so much, any help at all is appreciated. 


hey fellas, so as you may or may not know, san diego has been burning. 
yesterday we got confirmation that my grandma’s house is gone, and the side house where my dad, step-mom and sister stayed is also gone.
above is some footage i found where you can actually see the house burning. i cant even tell you how crazy it felt when i recognized that gate as THE gate.
they only evacuated with a couple outfits and pets. all of my sisters toys are gone. her games and x box and school things, etc. and all of my dad and step-mom’s clothes and personal items theyve stored there over the years are gone. the things my dad has been saving since i was born and since my sister was born are gone. the house my grandpa built, along with about 50+ years of everything my grandparents put into their home is gone.

SO i started a paypal for donations because i literally dont know what else to do right now, all the way in humboldt. ive never done anything like this before but i want to help my sister and the rest of my family.
just go to paypal, click the send button, and enter the email and how much youre down to throw in. if you want to send clothes or anything direct, send me a message and ill tell you what specifics they need and an address to ship it to. thank you for considering, we really really really really appreciate it

Cocos fire update~

As of this morning the fire is 80% contained with just about every evacuation lifted minus those areas closest to the fire. My roomies and myself are unpacking our cars and getting resettled. We were never in a direct evacuation zone, but we were all kind of paranoid and I felt better knowing that I had everything wih me when I went off to work for 12 hours lol. Thank you to those who expressed concern~


The last couple days have been really crazy. The bff is here visiting, which is awesome. But there have been wildfires raging through San Diego since May 14th. On the 15th there were 9+ fires going all throughout San Diego County, from Camp Pendelton and Carlsbad to the north, National City to the south, and Lakeside to the east. We live right smack dab in the middle, in Escondido, close to the San Marcos/Cocos fire. These pictures were taking on various days/times, but they are all from the same fire. Some of the shots were from our balcony at our apartment, some from the hubbys work (in San Marcos) and some from other places along the way. It has just been insane. Luckily, because we are so central, we didnt have to evacuate. The first picture is the evacuation map for San Marcos/Escondido, and we are just NE of the suggested evac zone (where there is a teal dot). 

Most of the fires are on their way to full containment, with the San Marcos/Cocos fire at 70% containment as of about an hour ago. The big one is still the Las Pulgas/Camp Pendelton fire, which as of yesterday morning was 5% contained.

Thankfully, the bff and I can now try and enjoy her trip out here, instead of worrying about my friends/family and wondering if we have to evac.

(Here have some cute pics of us being fabulous)

I’m feeling sad and I’m gonna go try to sleep. I need to go ship Casey’s package tomorrow. All my friends are still ok and there are no new fires that I know of but they arrested someone down the street from des because they were pouring gasoline on a fire.