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Finally have my full gallery of photos done from Walk The Moon at the Masonic in SF. It was fun shooting these because I was told I wasn’t allowed in the pit for their set…but I had made friends with one of the security guards while I was shooting The Griswolds & he let me stand in a little corner of the pit. So these are shot from that corner – or when I planted myself in the audience.

all my own


The Mill, SF

I was drooling over thousands of photos of The Mill, SF online over the past few months. As a coffee and bread person, it was on top of my must-go places. So here we go! Now I totally get why people pay over $8 for a slice of toast. Totally worth it! Plus, the natural light in this place is also amazing for a film photographer like me. :) Ah! they serve Fourbarrel coffee! Love! :)


San Francisco Classic, Zuni Cafe

  It was a sunny day, and we decided to walk to the Zuni Cafe, which was a bad choice because you don’t want to make yourself hungrier when you need to wait for an hour for the amazing roasted chicken. But, we did walk anyway, and that whole hour we waited was totally worth it. The natural light inside is so beautiful and I could look at light through the windows and to the table all day. 

  We started with Wild arugula and herb salad with Padron peppers and a bottle of Weihenstephaner and a glass of Fresh Grapefruit Juice. Their bread and butter were so good and everything we started was so fresh with a little bit of acidity, which made us want chicken right at the moment, but there the whole hour waiting for chicken begun. Actually, we were seated right by their open kitchen, so we could look at the chef’s work very interestingly. Just a minute before an hour, Roasted chicken for two with warm Tuscan-style bread salad, A.K.A Zuni’s Roasted chicken was served. The presentation itself was so amusing, but when you actually eating, the taste was far more amusing. We brought the leftover chicken with us, and had it later, it was still good when it was cold. However, the portion is big for two people, so better go to Zuni with more people.