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Heather leveled the flashlight at the rows of cargo containers. “Alright,” she growled, “This’s where the signal’s comin’ from.” She turned to give the pink-haired Aurin a stern glare. “Did ya see which one ‘e fell into?”

Evion shook her head. “No… The firefight was too crazy. One second he was chopping the arm of a goon, then the ship started taking off under our feet. I managed to Gate outta the cargo hold, but I saw Gaius still wrestling one when the door closed…” Her ears drooped. For once, the normally spunky girl looked tired and worried, dark rings lining her blue eyes. The big guy’s missing presence had been eating at her.

Heather started down the alley of stolen goods, moving with purpose. “Keep an eye out in case we missed any pirates. Start searching the crates and see if he hid away in one. An’ thank the stars ‘e ‘as the sense to wear ‘is GPS tracker.”

The crew started busting open locks and hauling open the doors of the rusty metal containers. They were the big industrial kind used for shipping weaponry, food goods, and less legal contraband. Heather paused in front of a crate branded “Carter’s Catering and Events.” Something in her instincts told her this was the one… That, and the slight him of energy she could hear through the metal.

As the metal door scraped open, Heather saw Gaius look up from where he sat in the middle of what appeared to be a mini-camp-out. A table-cooking set hummed away, attached to his sword’s energy unit, and a couple patties sizzled on the grill on top. A half-eaten burger was held in his hands, the other half currently in his mouth. Heather looked around at the debris of food wrappers and emptied cold storage crates and then smacked a palm to her forehead. “Gaius… Did ya eat ALL the food?” she asked, not wanting to know the answer.

He shrugged, swallowing his mouthful. “I didn’t know ‘ow long we’d be gettin’ shipped, so I figured I might’s well enjoy a couple! Want one?”