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1. Ginuwine - So Anxious (Legend, Madonna)

2. Cutty Ranks - The Stopper (Energy)

3. Three 6 Mafia - Ridin’ Spinners (Energy)

4. Eazy-E - Eazy Duz It (Energy)

5. Francis and The Lights- Get In The Car (Madonna)

6. David Wise - Haunted Chase (6 God)

7. Henry Krinkle - Stay (Preach)

8. Ciara - Body Party (Preach)

9. Ekali - Unfaith (Wednesday Night Interlude)

10. The Roots - You Got Me (6 Man)

11. Gabriel Garzon-Montano - 6 8 (Jungle)

*Bonus Tracks*

12. Avant - Phone Sex (Heat of The Moment)

13. Jodeci - My Heart Belongs To U (How Bout Now)

14. Adam Feeney and Chester Stone - Vibez (0 to 100)

15. Rihanna - Stay (Days In The East)


The Front Bottoms - Definitely Probably Possibly Maybe Never Sometimes Often Always Uncomfortable

with punctuation:  Definitely, Probably, Possibly, Maybe Never, Sometimes Often, Always Uncomfortable


TUAMIE - Snorlax


Babylon Cartel’s Gianni Lee & Mike Blud continue their dissertation of the hottest rap albums through their Sample’s Series. The Samples Team even commissioned visual artist Lavan Wright to create a alternative artwork for the project that nods to capitalism and consumerism through African Americans.

1. Boris Gardiner - Every Nigger Is A Star (Wesley’s Theory)
2. Mausberg - Get Nekkid (King Kunta)
3. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (King Kunta)
4. James Brown - The Payback (King Kunta)
5. Lalah Hathaway - On Your Own (Momma)
6. Sufjan Stevens - All For Myself (Hood Politics)
7. Cold Grits - It’s Your Thing (Blacker The Berry)
8. Detroit Emeralds - You’re Getting A Little Too Smart (You Aint Gotta Lie)
9. Isley Brothers - That Lady (i)
10. Houston Person - I No Get Eye For Back (Mortal Man)

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Here’s some Kirby music for ya to listen to! Enjoy! <3

  • "ROBOTRAP" reel
  • SoundScan
  • Funky Vocals

Stop playin’ games ‘til I’m done exchangin’ names
Standin’ there, lookin’ sharp, and you know I’m the reason why
You got them growin’ up a ton, I gotta mean your daughters
But I know I’m lookin at the man you think is makin’ other plans
You’ve been takin’ much too long, tryin’ to find what’s goin’ on
Wastin’ all my precious time, while you’re makin’ up your mind
You think you’re really in the know, waiting for the sign to go
I’ve been waving that red flag and you still ain’t movin’


In reality, I still don’t have a serious idea what it’s saying. But what I do know is that it’s the sample.

This sample isn’t one of the most well-known ones in the music industry, but it’s sure known in the gaming community for its appearance in Teknopathetic from the 2002 video game Jet Set Radio Future, composed by Hideki Naganuma.

This sample comes from the Funky Vocals sample pack produced by SoundScan and is shown for educational purposes only.