Overdue : THE FINALE -Jack Gilinsky Imagine-

Overdue PART 24 -Jack Gilinsky Imagine-

✨This story started as an adaptation of what you all were feeling when I read some of your rants about Jadison. Never in a million years did I think I’d continue it…but I did and I created this lol. Thank you all so much for reading and loving my ideas. It feels great when you put something out there and it inspires people to write great things as well, and have people look up to you for it. This story teaches a lesson about Karma and Toxicity. How doing good people wrong will only come back to bite you 1000x worse and you can’t always have your cake and eat it too. How you can and should accept millions of apologies but you shouldn’t give out millions of chances. You only live this life once…don’t spend it on repeat…🕛✨

“Hey Sam I just left the bridal shop.”

“Okay babygirl call me when you get home so I know you made it safe.”

“Oh my god Sam you sound like my father! Don’t worry I’ll be fine!”

“Hey! I just want to make sure you’re okay and stress free. Everything is working out fine and I just want you to relax.”

“You care way to much!”

“That’s a good thing!”

“But like why are you so obsessed with me?”

“Shut up! I got to get back recording babygirl I love you.”

“I love you too Sammy,” I said and hung up the phone driving down the same highway. The window was blowing through my hair as I just coasted through. It had been two months since Justin proposed and I was getting married tomorrow. Everything was exactly how I wanted it and there was no problems.

My phone beeped and I looked to see who it was before smiling. This was it. I had lived my dreams and done so many good things and met so many great people. I became what I set out to be and I gained what I lost back.

I looked down the road and it brought tears to my eyes. This road had so many memories and it was going to gain this one. I had grown up and I was ready for the next step.

“I’m ready,” I whispered while leaning back and happy tears fell from my eyes.

Baby 😍

The Dress- Nate Maloley Imagine

Request: can you pleeeease do an imagine where y/n is with Nate and wearing revealing clothing and she’s around the other guys and Nate makes her change but she doesn’t and it leads to kinda of a smut maybe? Please and thanks! Love you lots!

You just finished working when Nate texted you to come over. Since you just finished a ten hour shift at The Edge restaurant, you were very hesitant but you agreed anyway.

“Damn babe,” Nate said as you walked into his house. You looked at him confused since you most definitely looked like crap but remembered what you were wearing.

Since The Edge is a very fancy restaurant, they have a dress code. Which means waitresses have to wear a dress at all times and today, you decided to wear a skin tight black dress that just covered your butt.

“I’m so lucky.” Nate said, kissing you. You smiled into the kiss which made Nate pulled away. “How was work?” You and Nate started talking about how your day was when he got a text from Johnson.

“Do you mind?” He asked and you knew exactly what he was talking about. You rolled your eyes jokingly before shaking your head. After the day you just had, you needed a laugh or two. Before you knew it, Johnson, Gilinsky, and Sam were chilling in the living room with you and Nate.

“Babe…” Nate whispered to you. “Do you want a pair of clothes…” He said in a less than normal questioning voice. “I mean, you look hot but the guys…” You waited for him to continue but he faded out.

“But the guys what?” You asked.

“I just…don’t really want you looking like that in front of them.” He said, a little louder this time. At this point, you were beyond confused. The guys had seen you in shorts and a bandeau and even a bikini so why was a dress any different?

“Excuse me?” You raised your voice to match his.

“Come on, just change.” You let out a sarcastic laugh before disobeying him. You really didn’t understand what the problem was.

“(y/n).” He said, sternly.

“Nate,” You said, back. “Your room; now.” The others had been listening to what was going on from the minute you raised your voice and they were all confused as to what was going on.

“What the hell?” You asked as you and Nate walked into his room. You heard the door slam before turning around.

“I just don’t want you wearing stuff like that in front of the guys.” Nate said, shouting a little.

“And I don’t want you telling me what I can and cannot wear.” You were not giving up. Nate had absolutely no right to tell you what to wear and you wanted him to know that he was in the wrong. “Why is it such a big deal?”

As you waited for Nate’s answer, you realized…he didn’t have one. He had nothing to back up his argument. You rolled your eyes before making your way over to the door.

“Don’t leave.” Nate said, as he quickly stood in between you and the door.

“Tell me what your problem is.” You knew giving him an ultimatum would convince him to tell you so you didn’t even hesitate.

“Because I can’t do anything!” He yelled. You scrunched your face in confusion and waited for him to continue. “You seriously think,” He said, taking steps closer to you which made you take steps backwards. “I don’t want you dressing like that? I do. I just get mad when you do it around others because I can’t do anything to you in public. And when you dress like this,” He said, eyeing you up and down.

At this point, your back was against the wall and Nate was slowly walking over to you with every word he said.

“You make me want you so bad.” He whispered against your lips. You’ve never seen this much lust in Nate before and you were getting turned on with every word. Nate quickly pushed you onto the bed before getting on top of you.

“I’m all yours.” You said, before pressing your lips against his.

A/N: Wow, I feel like this sucks…

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Sammy Wilk imagine (part 2)

Find part one here: http://camsvanilla.tumblr.com/post/119898259339/sammy-wilk-imagine

The one who was named Nate spoke up first. “What’s your name cutie?”//

I blushed as Mallory spoke up. “Wow it’s barely then beginning of first period and you’re already hitting on the new girl?”
“Aye lil mama you’re cute too but I ain’t talking to you.” Nate replied.
Mallory rolled her eyes. “Now what’s your name?”
“Um I’m Y/N” I try not to sound nervous. “That’s a beautiful name, just like yourself.” The blonde one says smiling. I thought he wasn’t like them, he doesn’t look like an asshole.
“Uh thank you” I say back to him.
“So Y/N, where are you from?” The one with the on-fleek eyebrows asks me. I’m sure he was Jack Gilinsky. “Chicago.”
“Nice.” Gilinsky says. I noticed that Sammy didn’t say anything at all. Finally the teacher came in and class began. Throughout the whole class the boys kept saying stuff to me and Mallory like, “you seem cool” or “sit at our lunch table” or “you guys look like twins”.

When the bell rang me and Mal went out of the class as fast as possible. As we were walking down the hallway, 3 girls who wore too much eye makeup came up to me. The one in the middle was blonde with turquoise colored eyes and bright red lipstick.

That’s Katie.

“Are you new here?” She asked chewing her gum, eyeing me up and down, looking disgusted.
“Yeah.” I say bluntly. She rolls her eyes annoyed. I look at her other friends and they looked exactly alike. Except one had green eyes and the other had grey. Her trio walked away, making sure to bump my shoulder on the way.

Mallory muttered under her breath, “Bitches.”

When we got to our next class 2 girls, I’m assuming Mal’s friends, came up to Mallory and started talking to her. One had long red hair and icy blue eyes. The other had wavy brown hair and brown eyes. “Oh guys this is Y/N,” Mallory said introducing me to them. “Y/N, this is Savannah and Madelyn.” They both smile at me and said, “Hey!” Us four had 3 more classes together, and they were the same ones with the boys. We had one more class until lunch and I really couldn’t wait.

Our next class rolled on by, now it was time for lunch. Just as we sat down, Gilinsky and his crew were coming toward our table, here we go again. Savannah and Madelyn sat across from me and Mal. We tried to make it look like we didn’t know they were coming. Oh my god I don’t want to deal with this right now. My thoughts were interrupted when Nate tapped my shoulder. I turn and look at him. Oh my lord, he is gorgeous. I didn’t really pay attention to how he looked at first. He makes direct eye contact with me and my palms start to get sweaty.
“Hey lil mama, wanna sit at our table?” He winked at me. I looked behind him and Sammy was staring at me. My heart rate sped up.
“Thanks but I’m good.” I told him.
“Alright, suit yourself.” They walked away to their table. Just as I picked up my hamburger, I saw Justin walk to their table and sit down. They were talking and laughing really loud. What! My brother is friends with those players? Oh goodness. Wait that means me and Sammy might start talking! Wait what the fuck am I talking about? Throughout the whole lunch time me and Sammy caught eyes. But I can’t like him. I can’t.
It’s barely my first day here.

When school ended, I found Justin waiting by his car, but he wasn’t alone. He was with Jack G and Sammy. Fuck! Why does life do this to me? When I approached Justin he said, “Hey Y/N! Have you met Jack and Sammy?” Sammy and I caught eyes once again. I looked at Justin. “Yeah, we have a couple classes together.”
“Oh rea-”
“Wait you guys are brother and sister?” Jack interrupted.
“Yeah” Me and Justin say in unison.
Jack and Sammy look at each other and smirk. Before I could say anything, Katie comes out the doors with her twins. When she sees Jack she smiles and gives him a hug and kisses his lips. I look at Jack and he looks like he’s done with life. I laugh a little and I notice Sammy is laughing too. Katie pulls away when she hears me chuckle.

“What are you laughing at?” She looks like she wants to kill me and that makes me laugh harder. “C'mon say it hoe before I punch you!” She says stepping closer to me. I stop laughing and get close to her too. “Do it bitch I ain’t scared of you!” She pushes me and I punch her face.
Before it gets any more violent Jack pulls Katie away and someone pulls me backward. I think it’s Justin but when I look up, I see a pair of beautiful hazel eyes.

Oh my god … he’s touching me.

I hear Jack yell at Katie.
“Why do you always have to start a fight with everyone? It’s her first fucking day here! Give her a break!”

She tells him something but I don’t listen. Sammy looks at me and says, “You okay?”
“Ye-yeah I’m fine.” I smile and he smiles back. We make eye contact for what seems forever until he starts leaning in. Just before out lips meet, Justin comes and says “C'mon lets go home. I’m giving Sam and Jack a ride.” I guess he didn’t see we were about to kiss.

Fucking Justin interrupted our moment.

I got in the back seat and Sammy slid in beside me. From the window, I saw Jack come angrily into the car. He got in the front passenger side and slammed the door. While we were on our way to drop them off, Jack was ranting about how he wanted to break up with her. I wonder why he doesn’t, she’s a total snotty brat. Sammy and I made small talk and got to know each other a little bit. He was really interesting, and definitely sweet. Sadly we arrived at their house. As he got out, Jack said, “You’re pretty cool Y/N, except talk to me more, haha.” I smiled and said “Nice to meet you too.” Sammy grabbed my hand and said, “You seem really lovely Y/N, it was nice to meet you. And I promise, next time we’re about to kiss, we won’t get interrupted.” He winked at me and got out of the car.

Fuck I got the butterflies again.


I hope you guys liked it! Part 3 will come out either tomorrow or Thursday ! :)