My friend Samantha (Sammich117) invited me to play Hangouts Against Humanity with her and few of her friends tonight. I’d never played before. I did well the first game, not as well the second. I didn’t win and get to “be pancakes” (when you win, Google tracks your face and covers it with smiling pancakes, for the REST OF THE NIGHT), but it was fun! Erin won, pictured above.

With how small this town is and how busy all of my friends have become, I don’t have the opportunity to just hang out with people often. Usually it’s all work-related. So, thanks guys. =)

I discovered this game today. Free to play. Kind of addicting. The premise of the game is you create a disease. The goal is to spend “evolution points” to evolve the disease and give it different resistances, symptoms, increase the lethality, change how it is transmitted.

It also reveals kind of a dark side to yourself. While playing this game I was being pretty evil. One scenario, I would be like “Okay only x evolution points until I can buy heart failure. Come on, heart failure”. It’s a fun game, but it makes you realize that…your “gamer self” can be kinda dark and morbid. I mean I was rooting for the annihilation of the world population, for god sake!

But…try out the game anyway. It’s super fun. I haven’t infected the entire world yet. There’s always a couple regions that manage to escape completely uninfected (BOO!)

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Sam creepily recorded me standing next to Duff Goldman and I’m so happy about it.

Sorry it’s so short!

This in this podcast we talk about Paper Towns chapter 13, the party scene, with Samantha of Nerdfightersdontfightnerds! She’s awesome and she’s going to come back on the show sometime! Hopefully the recordings won’t delete themselves next time!

Thanks as usual to Hank, John, Lauren, and DFTBA records.