setting the tone for the week

today, i did 2 hours of advanced yoga. i sweated buckets, did handstands (!!!),  plus insane amounts of arm-strengthening & leg-lengthening vinyasas. my legs are super-toned. so tomorrow for work i am wearing a leopard print mini-dress with my magenta platforms. i intend to meet some friends for either lunch or after-work drinks across town just so i can have a legit excuse to strut my strutter. i am such a girl.

ps, youngins: pair *bright* saturated colors with exotics. don’t wear monochromatic accessories (i.e., all-black shoes) with your leopards, cheetahs, snakes or pythons otherwise you’ll end up looking like that tacky aunt with cavalli aspirations or even worse—jennifer lopez! 0_o

sad face. i’m seeing fashrags dated “august 2011” and these pre-fall campaigns are slowly getting on my nerves. oh well. in anticipation of fw2011, i think these would be a good pair for transition. it looks like pig suede (yes, pig. how can i tell? we can talk about it later.) nice neutral color, sculptural wedge. great with heavy knits + minis + flowy things.