Teddivision by *SamKalensky

• Commission: “Nightmare Fuel Teddie from Persona 4!!!”

• A limited run higher quality version of this print will be avalibear from Bulletproof+ (Table #4) This Weekend @ Anime Evolution - and then again at Revolution in August!!

• I’m still open for commission at [these prices] if anyone’s interested.[My prices will be raised after Mid-August so please act sooner than later!]

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Here guys, have some fan service??? It’s Me as a sheeeeeeeeeeeep…

There was more that I wanted to add to this pic, but not motivated enough for this..

Tested out an interesting way of shading this time, I’m not sure if I like…

Probably needs more attention for it to work, I was kinda lazy with it

I’ll probably wake up tomorrow, then scream at how bad it is.

Not sure what the heck is up with my wool colors too… 

This could have been finished weeks ago but I guess I was being too shy to post?

To say the least, this went at a snails pace while I did other stuff..

You could say I was being….. Baaashful.

Also featuring Pi cuz it was her idea initially. 8’|


My Top 5 Favorite Mushrooms! 

Fun!Fact: The main cast of my game are gonna be based off these five… you’ve technically already met Russ (briefly) in the quick pitch… I’m currently re-working the characters designs and a rulebook is in the works, but its been a slow climb overall this last while mostly because of other priorities and projects.

March 9th 2014//*Update*//: This commission chart is now MOSTLY COMPLETELY NULL. - but I'm still available to do commissioned freelance work, for hire on projects any sort! Big or small. Casual or Professional, Contact me with a description of what you would like done, and I’ll give you a quote! If you need something completed under a budget or completed by a certain date, it can be arranged! : )

<Contact me @ [Samkalensky@gmail.com] if you are interested! >

My digital commissions are always open, I’ll draw just about anything that you would like!  The above Prices are open to negotiation; but I will not undersell myself!

If you have an inquiry or are interested, please don’t hesitate to email me at the address provided, or send an ask.

- *SamKalensky ( Masterofafros )
( For those curious, my card and portfolio are here: http://samkalensky.daportfolio.com/gallery/707684  )

【・ロ・】*NEW!* Extra super cool stuff:

• Commissions that are $45 & above will all the fun “behind the scenes” concept sketches that I wind up making along the way to the finished concept of the commission, they will be cleaned up a little bit & sent to you digitally with the finished commission just for your personal enjoyment!!

• I can also get your finished commission printed and mailed it to you as either a 1.5 inch button, &/or a print at any size that you could desire! One of a kind Prints, Buttons bookmarks, postcards, posters, stickers, mini-books and more, could be created as your commission in this way.

• I can also do avatars, banners, animations backgrounds and stuff for your personal use!

Please let me know if you are interested!!! : )