My #Cortado at Bar Nine Collective (@BarNineLA) #Coffee #photography | Bar Nine has become my new regular place if I am in that part of town. Not that I am having an affair with Cognoscenti, but I am being sending to part of town more near to Bar Nine for some reason.
Bar Nine is located near the new office complex area which renovated from industrial area south Culver City, mostly done by the constructor Samitaur. The Coffee shop is in a factory like space, where the beans are roasted onsite.
They are the first coffee shop in LA to have the ModBar brewing system, which it could be beautifully integrated under the counter table with only the brew head, the steam wand and other necessary parts beyond the counter table. It looks very nice, and well function.
Their beans are roasted onsite with Probat roaster.
The factory style open space makes great atmosphere to sit around, also selected music with vinyl is played.
For eco reason, they offered glass bottle as togo option, which looks strangely nice. They do charge $1 for deposit, which could be refund or used to pay on next visit. |