His Voice

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"I…," started Sasuke, his eyes lifted to Hinata, unsure of exactly what to say. Her hand rested comfortably on her swollen abdomen. "What do I say?" He prompted.

Hinata shrugged. “Anything. She likes your voice.”

"My - voice," whispered Sasuke. He propped himself on his elbow and touched his wife’s stomach. "My voice." He repeated, not knowing how to process this information.

Hinata watched the man’s concentrated face break upon feeling his daughter kick. “You feel that?” She giggled as his face returned from shock. “I told you!”

His hand hovered over the area, terrified in both good and bad ways. Swallowing, he replaced his hand in a spot just below the original.

"I’m Sasuke," he waited for a moment, almost deflated. "Your father." Then he felt the kick. "You are strong already I see."

Hinata ran relaxing fingers through her husband’s hair as he attempted to talk more, this was a hard process for him. He looked up at her and gave his best crooked smile.

Not a smirk, not a grin and not a full smile but something in between. It was awkward and adorable to her.

His thumb rubbed over the smooth skin of her stomach. “…my voice.”

Ever since then Hinata would wake in the middle of the night to hear Sasuke talking to their child. He explained the nightmares, his life, everything. She had never heard him speak for such a long period of time.

Hinata found herself relaxed against his baritone voice. She almost cried when he pressed thin lips to where he assumed the child was.

"I love you already, hime."

"You haven’t really said goodbye to him yet have you?” 


"Right. We’re paying a visit."


© Sami01 2014

I feel like these two would have a bond from losing a brother figure. One would be strong for the other when they fall in despair.

Day 22: Angst: His Reassurance.

Oh boy, sami01 I hope I got this right. Haha, okay, so today is Angst! What a stroke of luck!


The house had never been so…still. His hand hovered over the door knob, waiting, almost wishing to hear her approaching footsteps to greet him.

There were none. Last time she tried, she fell. Sasuke lectured her about the fact that she should know where everything was placed by now. Hinata just smiled at him before saying, “I just tripped over myself, I got excited.”

No matter. It was still the fact of her reddening palms.

The Uchiha opened the door and dropped his bag. His shoes and jacket were discarded next as he walked into their room. She wasn’t there.

Matter of fact—

"Hyuuga," he called, ignoring the hint of concern and panic in his voice. "Where are you?"

The back door slid open and Hinata smiled at him. As if she could clearly see. Sasuke closed the distance between them. “Where were you?”

"In the garden," answered Hinata. She could almost feel him frowning. Worried about her safety. "You need to smile more." She reprimanded.

Sasuke scoffed as she walked by him. No longer were her arms extended to ensure her whereabouts. Hinata was fully capable.

She had adapted to this lifestyle.

She sat down at the table in the living room and patted the area beside her. Sasuke moved accordingly. Hinata brought her hands to his cheeks. “Smile.”

He looked down at his lap. Why? Why was she so damn pleased with this? Had she given up hope? He hadn’t. He could never—

"Smile, Sasuke-kun." Her thumb brushed over his thin lips. "Please?"

"I don’t - I don’t smile."

She laughed. The same sweet, addicting laugh. He missed the shine of her opal eyes. The Uchiha looked away, his fists clenched too tight.

Great, now his eyes burned. He stood. “Sasuke, I’ll be f-fine!” She called after him. “I - I am fine!”

This stopped the man in his tracks. Her voice cracked. Maybe it was his fault for not pretending to be as happy as she let on. “Do… Do you think you can just lie to me?” He turned towards her on his heel.

Even without seeing him, she flinched. Her smile wavered for a few moments. Slowly, Hinata rose and walked towards his voice, his anger…

She cupped his cheeks again. “I… I see all that I n-need to.” Her voice trailed off upon feeling liquid. Her fingers trailed up…

Was he? Was Sasuke Uchiha…

"S-Sasuke-kun?" Without another word, Hinata wrapped her arms around him. Maybe she didn’t need the reassurance but he did. Sasuke needed something.

"You’ll be okay, Sasuke. We’ll be just fine."


© Sami01 2014

"I didn’t know what to do, he straightened his face the moment I walked into the shower room and actually hid his head under the surface of the water in the bathtub, it was almost endearing how his tail hung in the air swaying left and right […]" -Of Heart and Head

As promised my darlings~ Here is my other drawing for that amazing one-shot. Originally I drew it in the kiddy pool and he was very serious as he submerged into the water. THEN I realized my mistake and felt more goofy.

Also special shout out to yamitonkachi whom from what I understand kicked started this whole merman!Sasuke with some drawings of her own! :D

(Art ©Sami01 2014)

I am NOT obsessed with merman!Sasuke x Hinata


So this is influenced (not necessarily based on a part) by the fic Of Heart and Head (by the lovely Renoa) The drawing that made me look at this fanfic was this

IDK I just really loved the explanation of his tail being one and one half the length of his torso (but I stretched it to two because who doesn’t like long merpeople tails?)

If you read the story you’ll probably get where this is coming from. If you didn’t. MY LIPS ARE SEALED. GO READ.