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No one can make me laugh like my brother.


You don’t have to write as much, cut it down to about 2-3 paragraphs, Sammy.. this is just to start it off. 

Dean & his brother had been in Louisiana for a couple of hours now. They had travelled to this exact area, and stayed in this exact motel after getting a call from some man on their father’s old cell phone. He had claimed he had known John Winchester since their childhood days, and even went to the same school as their dad. He was asking for help too, because by the sound of his voice on the other end, this man was frantic and petrified.

"Alright, calm down." Dean had told him in his deep, husky voice. Trying his best to reassure him. "We’ll be in the area in about an hour, tops. Call me again at that time." Dean gave the man his cell number, and that’s when the boys soon hit the road again. 

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Hi, guys.. it’s that time again. Follow me and my brother.. and I promise you’ll get some free pie :P we’re doing a role-play called ‘Assassination’ at the moment. Head to my GPS, and check out the interactions with Sammy. Warn you though, they are long posts.. but totally worth it. Also want to say thanks to all of my followers. Don’t give up on me now ;) 

—— Dean. 

OOC guesses

Hey guys so I thought of something that would be fun for my followers to be involved in. A guess the person behind the posts, post! All you have to do it re-blog with the answers and tag me- samfwinchester -so I can see them to see what you think of the real me based on my RP with my brother and my posts etc! It’ll be fun! Anyone who guesses some of these either really right or just super hilarious will be getting an ask or mention because I can’t wait to see what people think I’m like! I might even let you in one something  personal! Remember this is a OOC post! 
Have a good day and happy guessing ;DD

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Moving On

Sam looked up to his brother from the end of the bed where he was sitting with an almost heart breaking face as he listened to his brother saying how he wasn’t going to go dark side and how as long as Dean was around this wasn’t going to happen to him. “Dean… I don’t-” As Dean stopped Sam from saying anything more, Sam pursed his lips and let out a deep and almost annoyed sigh out through his nose before he looked away and balled one hand into a fist and then held the other over the top of it before resting his chin against it and his elbows on his knees. “Okay… Okay!” Sam said, pushing his tongue in his cheek as it was obvious that this conversation was well and truly over now. Dean didn’t do the emotional talking.


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