Shinagawa Execution Ground note

The execution ground is located near Samezu where Tokyo’s version of the Department of Motor Vehicles sits complete with driving course for the practical.  Perhaps that synchronicity explains the hellish nightmare of the driving tests here….

What does Samezu mean?

What does Samezu mean?

Samezu (Shark Sandbank)

That awkward moment when you’re train station kinda sucks… but you’re historically mad important!

The other day, I took part in an epic history walk from 三田 Mita[i] to 品川宿 Shinagawa-shuku Shinagawa Post Town[ii], the first inn town on the old 東海道 Tōkaidō Tōkai Highway[iii]. The town was the first and last stopping point for millions of travelers coming in and out of…

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