lol at people in the dc tag “why do ppl want shinran to end? its a Good Relationship and True Love” are you really reading the same detective conan that im reading where conan lies endlessly to ran and causes her immense grief by being so closed mouthed about where he is and if ran knew it would be beneficial for him but he takes agasas advice and ais threats seriously and thus thinks hes protecting her by keeping quiet

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Tonight, I regretted the fact that I do not know any DC fans.

I can’t share my feels with anyone that would understand them.

This is why I’m posting this senseless post on tumblr.

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au in which everything is the same except conan is in smash bros and his final smash is turning into shinichi and hurling a mothafuckin socca ball to player's heads

When I entertained the idea a while back I was thinking more of a Giga Bowser/Super Sonic/Giga Mac/Charizard X/etc kind of thing with boosted moves (and longer range for attacks that involve the soccerball) during which he can still take damage.

And I guess change of weight type from light to medium hahaha

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I was watching detective Conan with my sister and we decided to watch the first few episodes and we were watching when haibara sister first appears and in the end of the episode she was supposed to get shot by gin but another guy came instead and she did not die I was confused because I could've sworn that she got shot so I check the manga and gin shot her and she died Why would they change such an important episode my question is what episode did haibara sister die And why did they changed it!!

In the anime, Akemi Miyano dies in Episode 128. Therefore, the Akemi Miyano you saw in Episode 13 is implied not to be the same person in 128. (Conan and the others don’t act like they knew her from the previous case.)

I don’t know for sure, but I’d assume the anime staff was trying to keep Black Organization appearances to a minimum…for some reason that currently escapes me. Anyway, I’d assume Aoyama never bothered explaining why on Earth Akemi really NEEDED to die in episode 13, so the anime staff upon realizing the alteration screwed them over, ended up creating episode 128. (And Aoyama definitely knew his plan when he wrote the original chapters for including Haibara; he’s stated the whole purpose of creating the Detective Boys was to hide Haibara in them, plus a silhouette of Shiho appears in the original manga chapter when Akemi is talking.)

I feel like the same sort of vitriol that’s being directed at Miley is the same sort that was directed towards Elvis near the beginning of his career. “But Chaaaaan,” I hear you whine, “Miley is no Elvis. She’ll never invent the new rock and rooooooll.”

If by “invent rock and roll”, you mean “appropriate black R&B and repackage it for white teens,” then I’d say she certainly has done that to an extent. She’ll also never be Elvis for the same reason that Conan will never be Carson: The media landscape that allowed those people to influence culture to that extent no longer exists. That’s beside the point.

The point is, the criticism leveled at Miley is run-of-the-mill, Footloose parents-variety, old fogey moralizing. Miley’s “outrageousness” - be it her lewdness or narcissism or even just odd staging choices - is just hip-shaking and you’re a sad, snarky biddy mis-remembering the past.