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Any advice for someone who wants to create a Kaito Kid RP blog?

Ugh… let’s see. But beware those answeres are heavily biased and opinionated. Not everyone will see it the same as me. Though I feel honoured that you asked me. It makes me think that my muse has left a good imprssion. *chuckles*

Some things I would put thoughts in are:

  • Be original.

Thurston’s three principles include: Never pull the same trick twice. (Conan and him discuss those during the teleportation heist.) Take that advice. It may be a little scary and it may even happen that people tell you that is not KID, because he’s never done that before. But doing the same thing over is boring and gets annoying at some point. You don’t need to be a KID copycat if you want to be an original KID, right?

  • Don’t go all ‘because magic

Kaito does some tricks that are nearly inhuman and it is a bit unrealistic how real his guises are and so on. Don’t overdo it on that though, try sticking to reality at least a little. Think about the tricks you let him to. Think it through before you post and give it some logic, drop a few hints along the line as well. It is much, much more fun if your post partner or detective or audience goes “oh… OH!” in the end, when they realise the clues have all been there right from the start. And it’s not just “He can do whatever anyway and get away with it…”. Make them realise they’ve tripped over their own mind. Trust me, that is also way more fun for you. 

  • He’s not all cool, the guy has a background story!

Don’t forget his past and don’t forget what drives the guy to do what he does. Sure he can have fun on heists and he likes pleasing a crowd as an entertainer. But Kaito has never had much criminal tendencies before. So don’t forget he has a motive and isn’t just some sick overly intelligent psycho.

  • So he is intelligent… make use of that!

It’s not an excuse to get him to do what he likes without explanation. Make a show of the fact that he has a brain and knows how to use it. Me personally, I have figured he is a very analytical guy, not so unlike the detectives, but his strength also lies in what is called intuitive or folk psychology. He is not a psychologist in any scientific form, but he heavily analyses behaviour and motive in others. It helps him to anticipate their reactions and/or copy them if necessary. He goes digging for what makes a person tick and works with that. Going big on mind games. It’s a part of magic really, because you don’t alter the physical reality, you alter your audience’s perception and just make their brain perceive the wonders they want to see. It’s a badass skill, work with it!

  • Be kind.

Neither Kaito nor KID are jerks. They can behave like jerks sure enough, but their base personality is that of a very kind and caring young man. He wouldn’t do any of the things he does if he weren’t just that. He likes hiding his kindness behind fake haughtyness. I’m even going to the point of saying the guy has low self-esteem and almost non-existing self-worth. He plays over it, loud and boisterous, but no one goes dressed as white target on the night sky if he has enough self-worth, don’t deliberately forget about that because it would taint the coolness. It makes him so outrageous, even if the reason is less than pretty. Make sure you think about how he can prevent people from getting hurt or let him change course to help someone every now and then. He does that in canon as well.

  • Get him into tight spots and make him sweat!

Nothing’s more disliked than what once was called a Mary Sue. Don’t make him win all out all the time. It’s just annoying and tiring. He’s annoying people enough with getting away in the end every single time. But let the detectives or others get him into a tight spot. Describe how he inwardly sweats and is stressed, maybe a little hyped up by adrenaline from the vulnerability. Make sure people can read they’ve almost got him, and their muses are just looking at his smug pokerface. You’ll immediately lose that hated godmod status, even if you’re still KID.

Once in a while even let them have their win! KID has been shown to give up bait without much fuss. Resigning to the detective’s victory. And actually through that he took some of the victorious feeling right away again. Simply because he gave up on his own and wasn’t forced into that spot. It’s a good strategic if you see yourself loosing. You take the cance of your victor to throne over you and it always leaves open one little loophole: Could you perhaps have escaped with it none the less? Are you just messing with me on purpose? Though that brings us back to the point of mind games.

And as the circle closes, I think this is enough blubber from me.

I hope you’ll have a good time playing KID! Don’t hesitate and make him yours with loads of headcanons and personality. Give him some integrity and I bet people will love him!


P.S. Think outside the box! ~

Unpopular opinion: TES is hella white-centric

like seriously, every TES race has some aspect of whiteness manifest– even if it’s a stereotype of other races from the perspective of whiteness, or a white panic trope applied to racial others

like the imperials have the Groman thing going on, which is a whiteness trope based on the fetish for ancient rome and greece as early white civilization, appropriating all of their medical, architectural, artistic and other innovations for white identities. In reality, they sure as hell weren’t uniformly white.

the bretons have equal shares of French Court Intrigue (the “brittany” influence) and ancient celt (the “britony” influence) from-the-perspective-of-modern-white-people thing going on. Meaning an awful lot of the stereotype of druidic practices that call more from shakespearean depictions of witchcraft and the english wiccan “revival of witchcraft” than anything else.

the Nords are full on White Saxon norse viking fetishism, the same White Power conan-the-barbarian-like myth that pervades primarily white and often racist subcultures everywhere

The Redguards are not white, but blend basically tons of black and brown people into the old “brown desert raiders” stereotype, the Enemy Arabs stereotype, complete with an expy religion to stand in for islam and its very own kind of “jihad”. Which could only have been thought of by white people tbh. It’s telling that european cultures get three races of humans and black and brown people get just one kinda.

and going on to elves, all of them are coded really weirdly and in a way thats uncomfortable to me– both white, yet a racial other often with stereotypical influences. Their facial features skew in an exaggerated way that’s associated with whiteness– but they are not colored to match, and those features are often played off as somehow alien.

The altmer have something weird going on where they manifest hyper-whiteness (hyper affluence, hyper intellectualism, hyper culturalism) that is threatening to white people (the idea that there’s white people and then there’s the white ELITE that you can’t ever be part of!) but also they have this applied… asian stereotype of cultural collectivism. It is really reminiscent of racist white criticisms of chinese (and sometimes japanese) culture that there’s too much ‘sameness’ or that people are not individualist enough. That they’re only parts of one greater, threatening whole. also don’t get me started on the Thalmor in 4e, white people seem to be unable to write any kind of religious inquisition if it doesn’t resemble the spanish inquisition, or totalitarianism if it doesn’t include the Gestapo.

the dunmer were basically given a star wars planet to live on (thanks, Kirkbride…) and they threaten whiteness by being just… spiritually and culturally threatening. They resist colonization, they have slaves (sometimes, white people slaves!), they have/had immortal gods-on-earth when the gods of the humans and other elves are inaccessible. They are said to be “cursed” with dark skin, and it’s no mystery their culture is framed as being shady at times: both hyper-stringent or austere yet somehow debauched or corrupt.

The bosmer just opt-out of white society in valenwood. they eat their fallen dead. they make culture in ways incompatible with what white civilization considers essential– they reject agriculturalism and industrialism, etc.

The orsimer have the white-popularized Brute Race stereotype thing going on full-force. Orcs in almost every property have this shadow of “you can’t kill native peoples or call them savages anymore, so orcs are a fantasy expy” in them and TES is no exception. Their masculinity is framed as threatening, their femininity is masculinized. Both are racial experiences, and I’d argue they’re related to antiblackness specifically. Meanwhile, white Nords have one hell of a warrior myth but their masculinity is idolized.

I don’t even have to go into the khajiit, they are often immediately suspected as criminals no matter where they go, or drug dealers/addicts, or gang members, or ruffians. I dont even have to go into what kind of thought births that stereotype.

And the Argonians have been perpetually enslaved, have been outsiders in many games (except maybe oblivion, where some held decent places in society), are just seen as almost weird aliens half the time.

sorry for the long rant, it’s just… TES smells like a pulp fantasy fiction novel ripoff written by a white guy from the 80s a lot of the time as soon as I drop the veil of “I like this property so I want it to be more thoughtful than it really is”

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Coffee! ((I swear I would interact with you more, but I don't know much about Lupin III))

My muse works at Starbucks. Send me “Coffee!” to see what terrible name/misspelling my muse will write on your cup. [x]

Knowing perfectly well how to spell ‘Sera,’ Jigen gave the girl a grin before plopping her cup of coffee on the counter.

im not sure how i should feel about people shipping con/an and hai/bar/a with other characters because like.

technically speaking, they are 17 (?) year olds shrunken down to the sizes of 7 (?) year olds.

they are minors either way.

but like??? i cant stand shipping conan or haiba/ra with anyone (shini/chi and miya/no count as different parts of the characters in this sense.)

i can ship platonic and romantic ka/ishin and he/ishin, but when shi/nichi is conan i cant bc i count them as technically two different characters.

conan is a persona that shi/nichi is putting up so that the black org cannot find him and harm those he loves and cares for. to shi/nichi, conan is not him and is a false character hes putting up.

to the audience, shinichi and conan are the same, conan just being the shrunken version of him.

the same can be said for haibara.

so honestly, i see the two as two seperate characters, thus its hard for me to ship haibara and conan with anyone.

not to mention haibara is aroace sorry haters

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Anna Kendrick Imagines Life as a Musical on Conan (VIDEO)


Everyone’s entitlet ta thar fantasy, an’ Anna Kendrick wonts ta lif’ n’ a musickull. At leest, at’s whut Kendrick, 29, sed un Conun Winsdee nite, speakin ta t'host about hern new moovee pitshure shue, T’ Las Fife Yeers, un adaptashun o’t’ shert-a'runnin but belovet off-Broadway…