leearrow asked:

Good Morning! I've been lurking since mid season 18 and love Maksyl and everyone here! I'm pretty tumblr impaired and not sure of how to post or send an ask, as my kids would say "Welcome to the 90's mom!" At any rate, I was wondering if the pic you reblogged earlier today with Maks, Meryl, Sharna & Charlie was taken at the same time as Maks' fantastic birthday photo to Meryl. It looks like the same time/clothing etc. Love your blog and so many more here! Thanks!

You are absolutely right my friend! The birthday pic maks posted to meryl was identified by a field producer for dwts as taken when maks and Sharna left for Portland a day before meryl and Charlie. I made a post a few weeks ago that compared all the pics. I’ll see if I can find and reblog it for you. Also thanks for the compliment! I appreciate it! Don’t be a lurker. Join in! We don’t bite…😉

Capitalism, the advancement of technology and industrialisation have distanced humanity from nature, our true nature. We glorify material goods and condemn one another. We glorify apathy and condemn authentic human emotion. We are all living for the value of currency whilst failing to see the value in one another. We judge people for not conforming to what we perceive to be normality, but what is normality? A herd of humans so similar from consuming the same propaganda, images, clothing and dialect?

I wanted to draw a Thor/Loki version of this beautiful thing but something went wrong. Thor can’t redo the same pose without touching or kissing his brother, damn. I sketched more things but they are crap.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥