Sakura have all the possibilities to be pregnant when Naruto was already Hokage. Why?

-When Tsunade had the title of Hokage she waited at least 3 years to have her face incised in the wall…

-For the clothes… Characters keep the same clothes 2 years in Naruto and 3 years in Naruto Shippuden xD And These clothes at the end of the Last can be casual one?

-In The Last Boruto can widely have 3 years:

-And now, what in Chapter 700 or anywhere else it say that Naruto was Hokage after Boruto’s birth? Or Why not 1 year after Boruto’s birth? Sakura still can be pregnant of Sarada in this flashback when Naruto is Hokage.

-And then, those who thought that Kiba talk about Kakashi who just let his Hokage place to Naruto, you are wrong.

I just read my Shonen Jump, Kiba say: “七代目火影は降りたのさ。。。自らな”   Kiba don’t talk about Kakashi but Naruto… He talk about the “Nanadaime Hokage"  and it doesn’t mentions when Naruto obtained his Hokage title Kiba talk in the past but it doesn’t say that it was recent.

-Where it’s mentionned when Naruto obtained his title?



These are Dries Van Noten boys. These are boys you want to touch. You can’t help it. They appear tactile. You see them and instinctively your arm reaches out to caress. Stroke. Shower their skin with a shower of fingertips. It’s the same with the clothes. Don’t you love how Van Noten thinks? How he carefully picks boys who reflect the clothes? Boys who mimic the texture of the fabrics and the delicate, frayed edges of the seams. So much so that it takes every ounce of restraint to stop yourself from pinning them down and running your hands all over their faces. I like to think that, when discussing the look of the boys with his casting director, Van Noten said four words, “Tadzio, Death in Venice.” In fact, I’m pretty sure that if Thomas Mann were to see the casting, were he still alive to be able to see a Dries show, he would be overcome by the army of Tadzio clones marching past him. Anyway, I like to think Van Noten asked for creatures with an otherworldly glow, of clear, translucent skin, so youthful, so fresh-faced they appear almost ageless. And no, we are not the types to be overcome by unclean thoughts when thinking of boys. We are merely overcome by the power of beauty. The power of Dries casting. These boys, note, have no pores.

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans

By Natalie Dembinska

i told you guys i had a tanktop the same colour as catullus’ clothes in chelidon‘s the dead romans society (which is like the best comic and you should all read it!!)

i also have socks the same colour that i was wearing but couldn’t get a good picture. anyway look at the cute birb pin i also have? amaze. i took it from my parent’s car 

GOOD MORNING!!!!!! it’s my 18th BIRTHDAY (💖🙌🏼✨🎉🎊🎈🔞) today which is pretty damn exiting tbh!!! I’m finally a full adult with basically complete freedom!!! no more age restrictions for me oh my god. I’m going shopping with mum in a bit and she said I can get what I want, and then later tonight the family and I are you going out for a meal on the city waterfront together which will be really really nice! I just think it’s going to take a bit of time to settle in that I’m 18 & an adult, IM NOT READY!!!!
and cAN WE TALK ABOUT THESE CANDIDS?! they freaking killed me yesterday and I’m taking them as an early birthday present. besides the fact that Calvin’s shirt needs ironing and he wears the same clothes most of the time THEY LOOK SO ADORABLE! taylors smile is so big and I’m so happy that she’s found a man that makes her even happier than she already is. AND CALVIN IS ACTUALLY SMILING IN THE SECOND ONE!! he hate paps, which is understandable, but I’m glad they are both doing well together 😌 I hope Taylor had found the man she’s going to be with for a while! • #taylorswift #calvinharris (at double tap if you’re active)

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“Then perhaps we were cut from the same cloth,” his laugh dies down to a quiet chuckle. “Or the same nanofiber, as it were…”

   Moving herself around to glance at the man, only to stare into his eyes. 
   She replied, folding her arms across her chest as a frown remained upon her lips. The stranger seemed rather familiar, almost like a mirror. Eve allowed her weight to shift on her heels before speaking up once again.
          “That would all depend on how your obtained your prosthetic body.”

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I wanted to add to what you wrote yesterday like, I think women's experiences with gender non-conformativeness vary wildly through class, race, etc. I wear basically the same clothes you do, but I'm white and skinny, so I've never faced hostile or homophobic violence for it. I'm still catcalled and harassed frequently, but I think not as much as I'd be if I dressed in girl's clothes. But I agree with you in that this is too complex and it's reductive to think in terms of "who has more privilege"

I hope this doesn’t sound rude but I know and I’m a liiiiittle offended by the implication that I hadn’t thought of that before, considering I know exactly how much my race and weight impact how people see me in a gendered sense. It’s a lot of the reason I felt like womanhood wasn’t possible for me. I wasn’t implying that there are no differences between how groups experience the same thing (white people experience public homophobia differently) just that “I get less homophobia than you” isn’t exactly a privilege in any useful sense.

But I’ve written quite a bit about race and class things in relation to gender so I know.

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This shop located in Daikanyama.
It’s my favorite lately \m/,(•。•)

#I aim to be the most stylish boy in town‪#I am no match with my white v-necks only #I will pretend to accidentally buy the same clothes as the shop assistant while peeking at his outfit ‪#‎As though I was the one rocking that style #‎I am definitely not fit to be a stylist ‪#V-necks suit me and give me self confidence#‎I mean are there even people that don’t look good in white v-necks #Writing these tags got me in pain‎

Light slowly fades into your eyes. You look down. You’re wearing a plain red, long sleeve shirt and a pair of black pants that almost fit like your own skin. The floor underneath you is roughly tiled with pastels. Almost everything is white- the walls, the ceilings, even some areas around the tiles. There’s a faint elevator sounding tune in the distance. You walk with a small potter patter to find that you aren’t alone, but you aren’t sure if that’s the better situation. The other inhabitants are anywhere from 3'3" to 6'6" and are freakishly, round. Their large bulbous heads aren’t proportional to their bodies. They are wearing the same clothes as you, but some variation of the shirt color exists. Their expressions are smoothed and somewhat mannequin-esque. You try to approach one and talk, but you are pulled right from the ground with a violent jerk, and dropped into a slot, and immediately, everything blacks out. When the light fades back in, you see a gruesome display of loose body parts, all arranged in skin color. There are different drawers for face shapes, eye colors, facial hair… And suddenly, you look out and see a bar. A large, ghostly white hand drags the bar, and you become at least three feet taller. A box pops up in front of you. It’s backwards, but you can make out what it says with minimal struggle. “Do you..” You read aloud. “Wish to save your mii?” You gasp. You’re… A mii.

“You two have different colored hats. When you bought them how did you decide who got which color?”
“It was easy. We played rock, paper, scissors, and the winner got to pick first.”

“커플모자의 색깔이 다른데, 살 때 색깔 어떻게 결정했어요?”
”간단해요. 가위 바위 보로 정해서 이긴 사람 마음대로 하는거죠.”