same to the other members

tbh, I honestly feel bad for people who like ACTUALLY actually hate one or more members of 1D??

like, no matter how you flip the script, those boys are a unit, they work best together, they all love each other very much.

so please don’t ever say that you’d want 1D to not have someone in it, because those boys depend on each other. 

that’s how they got the success they have today. they worked together.

and they still do.

We may have different biases. We may ship different OTPs. But we all love the same OT6.
B.A.P 화이팅! ♥

you may be as different as the sun and the moon

but the same blood flows through both your veins

… Looks like two idiots didn’t get the message.


I am so glad the Masters of Cinema guys feel the same way I do about aspect ratio, illustrated here by the Caligari Blu-Ray booklet.

I am going to use “a distortion and corruption of the original artwork, which travesty the integrity of both the human form and cinematographic space” of everything off-ratio forever now.

Five reasons to love Erwin Smith

1. He’s given up his happiness for the cause of humanity

Erwin sacrificed any chance he had of having a family. He sacrificed his chance to marry and have children. He sacrificed his opportunity to lead a peaceful life. Erwin understand exactly what he’s asking when he tells soldiers to ‘give their hearts’ because he already has.

2.Contrary to popular belief, he’s not some chess master casually throwing away the lives of his soldiers while keeping his own hands clean.

Every time he goes outside the walls, Erwin is in just as much danger as every other soldier. He’s not on some position where he’s safe and free from worry while everyone around him dies. Erwin faces the same risks as every other member of the Survey Corps. Also, he knows the value of their lives. Erwin doesn’t sacrifice the lives of his soldiers’ when it’s not necessary. Every member of the Survey Corps that died under Erwin’s command knew what they were dying for. They made their own choices to fight. They chose to follow Erwin. To claim that Erwin was moving them around like pieces in a game not only contradicts everything about Erwin’s character, it’s a disservice to people like Squad Levi and Mike Zacharius who made their own independent decisions to fight.

3. Despite this knowledge, Erwin still has to carry the weight of the deaths

Even though he knows that every soldier made their choice, Erwin, as the Commander, is still in a position where every death probably feels like it’s pressing down on his shoulders. Erwin himself has expressed the idea that he’ll burn in hell one day for all the orders he’s given that have led to lives being lost. That enough should be enough to discredit the idea that he doesn’t care and views the whole thing as some complicated game. Every time he witnesses another death, or writes another letter to the family of a deceased soldier, Erwin probably wonders if there was anything he could have done, any strategy he could have made, that would be less costly. He knows that defeating the titans is something that will cost an extraordinary amount of lives, and he does everything to minimize the losses the Survey Corps suffers, but there’s nothing he can do to protect everyone.

4. He has so much potential to be someone so different

Just imagine a world where there are no titans, and no constant weighing and wondering about how many people he’s going to order to their deaths that day. Can you imagine Erwin smiling and laughing, reading the newspaper over breakfast and helping comb his child’s hair for their first day of school? In another world, Erwin could have been that person. He could’ve had that life. Instead, he’s in a world where, as Armin said, he has to be willing to throw aside his humanity to defeat the monsters.

5. He looks like a chiseled Greek god

Here’s the shallow reason. Seriously, those cheekbones, that hair. He’s got wide shoulders tapering down to a slim waist and hips, all perfectly lean and muscled. His thighs are pretty much every person’s dream. Erwin Smith is basically what you would get if someone took the word ‘gorgeous’ and turned it into a human being.

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