She's everywhere

She hangs around my neck in the necklace I wear,

Whose words spell out love.

She lingers on my lips,

In the smile I get when I think of her.

Her smell clings to my skin,

Since in sleep it soaks through the shirt she gave me.

Her smile rests in my cheeks,

Since I cannot think of her without smiling as well.

She’s in every song I sing,

Since love and her name became synonymous.

She’s in every word I write,

Because a write must get their inspiration from somewhere.

She is my inspiration. She is my rock.

There’s something in her voice that tastes like addiction,

And I’ll never be able to get enough.

She’s mine and I promise you that,

As long as she does not give up on me…

Forever with her is where I will continue to aim to be.