Sweet Lemon & Hersheys Chocolate

RE:EDIT: I forgot to say I drew this.

Hurr hurr…A pun I made of the two characters… ^^;


This was my Valentine’s greeting separated in 3 cards…

I’ll be eating and making some lemon flavor and chocolate sweets and pastry later in the day…

…it’s just coincidence how these two PL characters relate to the new treats I got and I want to try.

Claire Foley (Celeste) is a cupid (seraphim…those…er…kind of angels ), btw…as long Hershel is happy…she won’t mind the Prof’s assistant having some bonding time.

Professor Layton characters made in appreciation of Level 5 and Nintendo

Only use these posted artworks I made for appreciation crediting the person who made it please and not for commercial use…Thank you! >///<

It’s on deviantart too. ^ ^