Consider this a VERY late birthday present, dearest McKenna! Because I love you and your gang just that much and I wasn’t able to peek in and say hi on your special day. ♥ Craig is still my favourite guy in the whole wide world but I reallyreallyreally felt like drawing wild child Samantha Smile. Tried some different things, colouring wise. I’m quite fond of the result and…. I am babbling again, right? Right. Sorry. :D

(I apologise if she looks too masculine or anything of that sort here. She’s just so fierce and awesome. Not a person you’d want to mess with, for sure, and I think it kinda fits that she has some edgier features on her. ♥)

This is late! D:<

A present for McKenna (adrawingforgemma) and it’s not finished, but I wanted to show you what I had done so far.
I need to re-do Craig and Georgia since they didn’t come out well the first time. D’:

And how do people draw those fake Reindeer antler headbands?

Also, my fav. is Cardinal in this. <3

After I get everyone in, I’ll finish inking, color it, and then upload it with a Scanner if I find one or use the one at my parent’s work.

Hope you had a great Holiday!


hi Mckenna sorry for ruining ur birthday with crappy stuff but ur amazin and ilu.

i know its not amazing but its a little something for letting you know that when i get bored at school i think of you and doodle your amazing people. ok.
Happy Birthdaeeeehh! 

I had these lying around for quite a bit (6 months?) so I thought I’d share

Long necks anyone? omg I suck
An happy unbirthday? oh well what’s done’s done.

Also yes Craig came with Georgia but she was too shitty and these drawings are already shitty enough as they are


I thought I’d give you guys an idea of what the next big Adam and Gemma story will be like! For Samantha’s storyline, these characters are going to be the key players. My ultimate goal for the Sam-Jesse-Chris love triangle is to make it as hard as possible to decide who’s right for her–to make a sort of Team Gale/Team Peeta situation. 

…aaaaand OH, hello Michel and Brent! (It might be YOUR first time seeing these two, but trust me, they’ve been sittin’ in my notebooks for a while. >:D)

The voice of Suki, but she’s also so much more.

She’s talented, strong and wonderful; and not afraid to take on a challenge.  She’s also kind and gracious and friendly.

It’s Samantha Smile!’s beautiful cration.

Ms. Smile is probably one of my favorite characters of her’s (and possibly all time!) so I had to doodle her.

I really like how it’s coming out, so I think I might color it…

(Realized while drawing that Sam and Cas look a lot alike. Messy blonde hair, lots of ear bling, cat eyes… They even have the same mole! Sam smiles more, though. c: )

If you could read my mind, you wouldn’t be smiling.Samantha McAllister looks just like the rest of the popular girls in her junior class. But hidden beneath the straightened hair and expertly applied makeup is a secret that her friends would never understand: Sam has Purely-Obsessional OCD and is consumed by a stream of dark thoughts and worries that she can’t turn off. Se…

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Starstruck: Part 5 - Shawn Mendes

requested: yes

word count: 517

warnings: foul language

pairing: shawn/lexi

writer: ellie


Lexi’s POV

“Dude, when you get the chance to date Shawn Mendes, you date Shawn Mendes!” Lexi’s friend and bass player Samantha says. They were minutes away from going on stage for the show Shawn was going to.

“He’s so cute.” Lexi tells her. “And I really really like him too.”

“So what are you waiting for exactly?” Samantha smiles.

“For him to ask.” Lexi responds. “If he doesn’t have the guts then I’m not sure if I want him.”

“Don’t you think that’s a little harsh though?” Lexi’s guitarist Holly asks. “The kid is only 16.”

“He’s younger by months, isn’t he?” Lexi says hesitantly. “Besides, age is just a number.”

“The important thing is that he can make you feel special.” Samantha says. “You’re not easy to please and you now it.”

“Yeah, but pleases me.” Lexi smiles. “He’s all awkward and cute around me because he gets nervous about it, it’s unbelievably delightful.”

“Do keep in mind that once he gets comfortable with you he won’t be like that anymore.” Samantha tells.

“That’s true.” Holly nods.

“He’s such a gentlemen, though.” Lexi says with a dorky smile. “He always tries so hard to make me comfortable, but he doesn’t lie or change his beliefs to be liked.”

“That’s important.” Holly admits.

“Yeah, he stands for what he believes in.” Samantha nods.

“Also he’s so incredibly Canadian.” Lexi laughs. “He got so excited when I mentioned hockey, it was adorable.”

“Sounds like you’re falling for him, my friend.” Samantha chuckles.

“That’s dangerous stuff, Lexi.” Holly follows.

“I think I’ll be alright.” Lexi smiles. Right after that, Lexi’s tour manager appears and tells Lexi to follow her to the stage. Lexi’s bands goes ahead of her and start playing to get the crowd pumped. Lexi get’s ready to start the show.

Shawn’s POV

It had been a while since Shawn was this excited. He was jumping in his spot, ready to see Lexi give what he was sure was going to be an amazing show. The ticket Lexi had given him was for the balcony spot, where there was an amazing view of the stage and wasn’t that crowded. Shawn spotted Nick earlier and had engaged in conversation. Now, the band has started playing and the lights started flashing, which lets everybody know that the show is about to start. Shawn always liked that Lexi has only females on her band. He felt like females didn’t get enough recognition when it came to playing instruments.

Everything goes black again and Shawn grins widely, knowing the show has officially started. Then a single spotlight hits the stage and Shawn sees Lexi standing there. She starts singing apace with a beautiful note leaving her mouth and then the rest of the band joins.


It’s needless to say that Shawn was very happy with the show after it. Nick got him to Lexi’s dressing room. Shawn hugged Lexi and, after she took a shower, the rest of the band and Nick left them alone and they talked until Lexi had to leave to rest for the next day’s show.




I tried out Corel Painter Lite all day long today! I drew a bunch of my sister and my own characters mouths! ((left to right) Barry, Daniel, Darren, George, Rafa (older) (x2), Hamish (that’s a very bad looking tongue ring on his tongue), and younger Rafa) 

I had some fun with the skin tones, mouth shapes and teeth shapes. I just kind of drew whatever came to mind, some things may be a bit crocked or miscolored, but it’s all practice! :-)

all of them are 8x10

Enjoy them though!