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Hiya! Would you mind doing an INFP x INTP friendship/relationship breakdown? I've been struggling to think of any good examples. Thank you in advance!!

The only one that springs to mind immediately is Daniel (INFP) and Sam (INTP) on Stargate SGI-1.

Both Ne/Si users. Obviously. Good at talking about abstract concepts, have an avid interest in the unknown, and are both intelligent enough to catch on to difficult concepts rather quickly.

But… the distinctions are obvious.

Daniel is a specialist in Egyptology, with a doctorate in that and foreign languages. He speaks dead languages — fluently. He is most interested in the cultures and civilizations of the planets they encounter, in building human connections and in allowing these cultures to continue uninhibited in their natural ways and growth (up to a humanitarian point, of course). These things interest him, so he specializes in them … his Fi dicated what course his life would take and must engage in order to show any interest. He’s sensitive and compassionate, but at times his inferior Te shows up and he becomes bull-headed and refuses to compromise just to keep other people happy. When he “ascends” and must abide by the rules of the ancients, Daniel clings to those rules (Si/Te) and lives by them, despite the fact that it means he cannot help Jack escape from a mental prison.

When Daniel feels strongly about something, he will not back away from it. He enjoys being around people and likes to have them comfortable with him, but he does not need their affirmation to feel confident in the decisions he makes. This can sometimes set him at odds with Jack (ISTP), because it becomes a case of Fi/Te fighting for ethics against Ti/Fe doing the logical thing, for immediate results. Daniel is somewhat idealistic and naive, but is also great at sensing connections that are not apparent to others and in offering other creatures and races chances for redemption and/or opportunities to improve themselves. He cares most about human relations and in preserving the past by honoring it through careful exploration of its secrets. 

Sam gets along really well with Daniel, but they don’t speak the same language. She is all about math and science, and where Daniel’s greatest delight would be unearthing some archeological find that sheds insight into a past civilization, she gets most excited about unearthing new technology that she can analyze in order to comprehend how the universe works. She is an instinctive problem-solver and can think her way out of any situation — quickly, efficiently, and to great effect. Nothing stumps her, because if a problem is insurmountable, it merely means she hasn’t analyzed it from the right perspective yet. Sam will, literally, analyze something over decades in order to solve it. She’s the one everyone turns to, to fix the Stargate whenever anything happens.

Her interests are more impersonal — in the realm of physics, science, math, with some overlap into people and how they relate to one another, but it’s primarily in the realm of exploration and discovery. Like Daniel, she has an amiable personality and a nice way with people, but she also has inferior Fe… the desire to be liked, to get along, to fight for the rights of all people regardless of a personal interest in them, and sometimes, an emotional side that comes out under stress. (Push Sam too far and she gets upset. Her entanglements with Rodney McKay highlight this effectively — it bothers her that he doesn’t think she poses logical arguments and/or that he implies she is not as smart as he is. Fe gets annoyed by that, and she becomes more emotional whenever she’s around Rodney as a result.)

Their approach is very different. Daniel goes into new civilizations excited to meet people and learn more about the things he cares about; Sam enters into new civilizations eager for what insight they might shed on the pattern of the universe and scientific advancement. If it comes down to ethics, Daniel will be stubborn and Sam will argue morals until a compromise is reached. Daniel, a Fi-user, never moralizes at other people (he doesn’t go in for “you shouldn’t do that…”, but rather tries to SHOW a different way of doing things and explain it carefully), and Sam does, in order to vindicate her feelings.

Daniel makes purely emotional decisions. Sam makes purely logical ones. Daniel has objective logic. Facts are facts. Sam’s logic is in the realm of the abstract. Anything is possible, if you push it far enough.


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"So I talked to the writers about it and said ‘A, women don’t talk like this. B, why can’t she just be a member of this team without constantly raising the flag that she’s a woman?’" [x]

“I didn’t like my character that much in the first episode,” says Tapping. “I didn’t dislike her but I thought that her feminist diatribe was a little tiresome and I didn’t want her to be angry all the time. All I could see was this, ‘I’m out to prove myself,’ woman. I wanted her to be a well-rounded individual who is accessible and warm and someone who, especially young girls, could look up to and think, ‘Yes, I can relate to this person.’ [x]

"I am not afraid of the word feminist. It’s been hard fought. The women of my grandmothers generation weren’t considered a “person under the law” when they were born. Astounding. We are well aware that women are still struggling around the world for equality and in some countries for their own safety. So it’s not a bad word to me. I’ve been lucky in my career that I’ve generally been cast as smart strong women. Sam and Helen have both been gifts for me as an actress. So much depth and courage. Sam is a great role model for many reasons. She helped make Amanda a stronger person." [x]