• Alfie:Hello! Welcome to Wiener Hut. What can I get for you today?
  • Samandriel:Your body. I am an angel of the Lord and I need to use it to save the Word of God from being auctioned off to the King of Hell but first I need your consent. Please, say yes to being my vessel. It'll only be temporary.
  • Alfie:.......
  • Samandriel:Hello?
  • Alfie:...Uh, sir, have you been drinking? We just sell hot dogs here, hence the name "Wiener Hut". And, until 5 o' clock my body belongs to them.
  • Samandriel:Oh. I can wait thirty minutes.
  • Alfie:Riiight. Can I get you a chilly dog while you wait?
  • Samandriel:No, thanks. Angels of the Lord don't require food. I'll just sit here quietly.
  • Alfie:...
  • Alfie:I'm so done. They don't pay me enough for this.
Help from an Angel

“God damit” she cursed under her breath as she fell out of the sky straight onto someone, at least she was out of hell, for now …she ignored her pain and opened her sore eyes to an angels face “it can’t get any worse” she thought staring him in the eyes awrkwardly, “Meg, nice to meet you” Meg said casually still lying on top of him

samandrielangelofthelord replied to your post[Your muse snaps at mine for no apparent reason] Samandriel whimpered quietly, shrinking back from the deity. Frantically mumbled apologies tumbling from his mouth and he curled up on himself.

[I’m sorry, this was clearly just the best way for me to approach you. No better introduction than making Sammy break down in tears.] He pressed his face into her shoulder, trembling silently in her arms.

//Oh honey this is totally fine. No need to apologise. I always need more Samandriel in my life.

“Shhh…It’s ok sweetheart.” She turned him into a small fledgling so as better to hold and comfort him. She kissed his head gently and started to hum an old enochian lullaby.

Her heart pounded as she kept running through the abandoned streets her vessels bare feet aching, her wings were wounded and unusable so flying wasn’t an option.

And all because of those damn demons and their pack of hell hounds coming after her “oh father why does trouble always come my way” she breathed annoyed, stopping for a second to look around and find a place to hide as rain began to pour from the sky. Suddenly fining herself surrounded by grinning demons and a couple of hell hounds she cursed under her breath slowly pulling out her angel knife “come get me you low life!”

The Last Barstool

One more shot, one more glass, one more barstool…it all began to blur together. The only good things about his new humanity was his new alcohol tolerance, or lack thereof really. Castiel downed shots with the best of them until his body rejected everything he put into it, and he woke up alongside a face he didn’t recognize. 

Castiel staggered along from one bar to the next, the days blurring together as he huddled inside his coat, constantly fighting back the anguish inside him. All his family, all his brothers and sisters…he’d just wanted to make things right. He wished he could run, find an end, something, but as Naomi so cleverly put it, he couldn’t even die right. 

He stole a few hundred dollars here and there, pawned Jimmy’s watch and wedding ring, and found himself in a diner one morning, sipping black coffee just to feel like some semblance of himself again. 

He was so cold. 

Samandriel & Castiel | Brothers till the end.

A 16 year old Castiel walked out of his grand room that he shared with Anna, Uriel and Zachariah, He headed to the fledgling room where there were the fledglings and over to one in particular, Samandriel, when he had first been created Castiel had fallen in love with him the most, he smiled at his little brother and watched as he slept soundly not wanting to wake him up, he just stood at the side.

Breath of Life || Samandriel&Castiel

His mind was buzzing with the task he was set on. His head, heavy. And he had to cut himself off from heaven. Entirely. He wasn’t even sure Dean’s prayers would reach him – and the thought pained him, but his hands were firmly curled around the tablet during his whole travel. It was there, sitting on his lap where he could feel it.

There he was, depending on touch, and smell and human matters of orientation. He got out of the bus at some stop which name he liked – Topanga Canyon – and where no one else was getting out of the big vehicle. This had been the way he had been traveling through the entirety of the country, from stinking, slow, loud, annoying, mass-transporting vehicle to the other.

He glanced up at the trees. A resort was close. A village. Nature. Castiel liked it here. But he knew he couldn’t remain. So he started walking, off the road and into the forest, keeping close to the small pathway to the village, where he would be able to watch the people and maybe find a next stop to travel to.

But as he wandered through green, and the perfect silence of nature, that wasn’t really silence if you listened closely, he heard a rustle of wings that didn’t belong to a friendly bird. Immediately on alert, he spun around……….to see his younger sibiling’s face. “Samandriel.” he breathed, regret and guilt immediately seeping back into the pit of his stomach. He had killed him. Was he there to haunt him? Could angels haunt their murderers? His arms wrapped tighter around the tablet, and he took a few quick steps back. “Your entire presence is impossible.” he said, stiffly and stopped so he didn’t stumble over fallen twigs.

Like You've Seen a Ghost | Samandriel and the Metatron

There wasn’t much that could really, truly wear out the Metatron. Spending an entire night crafting and carving and placing whatever wards he had to in order to keep his family safe, apparently, was one of those things. He should have been delivering the amulets, but instead he sat on a park bench in one of the quieter corners of America and watched the clouds go by.

The empty space where the voices of his brothers used to be was like a scratch on the roof of your mouth. You know that if you just leave it alone it will settle faster, but you can’t stop poking it with your tongue. The Metatron couldn’t stop re-opening the connection, probing at the muddied sensations that gave him vague locations and moods for his brothers, but nothing else. It was like poor-quality TV without any sound. Proximity to the angels in question helped, which is why he paid special attention to a signal that was coming in more clearly than the others. The Metatron focused on the sensation. What he felt made him sit up, eyes wide, as though he’d been punched in the gut.

No. No, it can’t be.

He vanished from sight, re-appearing closer to the sibling. The closeness only confirmed his suspicions, but he still couldn’t believe it. No, but you… “Brother?” he called to the figure standing not too far away. “S-samandriel?”

Inias & Samandriel | Will find you brother

One year. That’s how long Inias had been in hiding, managing to find a place where even the angels couldn’t find him and knew he would be safe, he had changed since the last time with longer hair, a beard upon his chin and different clothes.

Since having been away from Heaven for so long, it meant that he was weaker and had to sleep so he could get some what stronger, having found out about what Naomi had been doing due to the angel waves, hearing his siblings well the ones alive talking in his head.

On this occasion he had been asleep when he felt a pain jolt through his body and a scream rippled through his mind causing his eyes to snap open and his breathing suddenly became heavy. Samandriel. He was the one brother he had been extremely close to before having to go off with Hester. He was in trouble. Jumping up, he grabbed his jacket and pulled it on, with his greyish wings unfurling though they were dirty and ruffled, he flew off to where Samandriel was but ended up outside due to sigils on the building as well as demons around the outside.

“Brother, I’m here” He thought.