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when I say my music taste is varied I don’t think people understand that when my songs are on shuffle it goes from blink-182 to high school musical to a sam smith ballad.


This is me everyday when I go to school..


Sam Weaver
Portland, OR
Canon 5D Mk II | Fuji X-E2

Your landscape photography is fantastic, but you also shoot downhill skateboarding events. Tell us a little about the sport and why you enjoy photographing it in such scenic environments.

For the most part it is skaters riding gravity down mountainous roads. I’m endlessly inspired by the way riders use and respond to the road. Even the roads themselves are inspiring, they can be beautiful structures designed to over come the brutality of nature. Seeing riders blast down an epic, scenic road is an art form unto itself. From a photographic stand point what’s not to like? Action, leading lines and a beautiful backdrop.

Tumblr: @theskatedistrict
Instagram: @skatedistrict


reblog if a celebrity has ever changed your life in a positive way

I’m trying to prove my friend something

You're not ready preference.

Ashton: no problem! I respect your choice and don’t value you less as a person

Calum: absoltuey 100% fine! I am glad you are comfortable enough to tell me.

Michael: wow it’s so cool you set limits for yourself, and I will gladly wait because there’s more to us than just the frickle frackle

Luke: dude me either


The Flash demo with Sam Hood is over. Make sure to check out Sam Hood’s website and the upcoming ACA summer camp with multiple art instructors from the industry.

Here are some notes from the Q&A:

  • Be a jack of all trades, but specialize in one. If you only focus on one, you’ll be stuck with that one job.
  • Get into your character’s head.
  • When you’re first starting out, use what you have. Don’t worry just because you don’t have all the programs or tools in the world. You don’t have to find the perfect program.
  • Get over your fear. Don’t find reasons to not do something.
  • Come with openness; share who you are. Your strengths and weaknesses.
  • "To live a creative life, you must lose the fear of being wrong."
You guys like pepper ? , That’s fine as long as it’s not Sam Pepper
—  Pewdiepie (Octodad goes on a date)

Seaman with a cat and kitten, c 1910 by Australian National Maritime Museum on The Commons on Flickr.

This photo is part of the Australian National Maritime Museum’s Samuel J. Hood Studio collection. Sam Hood (1872-1953) was a Sydney photographer with a passion for ships. His 60-year career spanned the romantic age of sail and two world wars. The photos in the collection were taken mainly in Sydney and Newcastle during the first half of the 20th century.

Other great photos by Sam Hood here.