When I found out she got the part [of Anastasia Steele], I thought, there’s no way she’s going to do it. It was so cool for her to do this huge movie and still be game to do this little thing with us.
—  Sam Boyd, writer and director of “In A Relationship” (2015)

In a Relationship
Written and directed by Sam Boyd

Dakota Johnson stars in this comedic/tragic exploration of sex, food and relationships, which expertly dissects the neuroses and commitment phobias of four likeable twenty-somethings.

“Shot mockumentary style, this short film follows two young couples in opposite stages of romance: Matt and Willa, who have been hooking up for six days, and Owen and Abby, who are trying in vain to breathe new life into a five-year relationship that is growing stale. It’s an exploration of the grey areas of contemporary dating and how much we keep from the people we’re closest to.”

In a Relationship: a verdade sobre estar em um relacionamento

Paula Romano

Quem já esteve em um relacionamento sabe que não é um mar de rosas e não é certo que haverá um final feliz.

Dirigido por Sam Boyd, o curta In a Relationship mostra a diferença entre casais que estão em fases opostas de um relacionamento: Matt e Willa estão saindo há seis dias, e Owen e Abby já estão juntos há cinco anos.

Em forma de mockumentary (filmes que parecem ser reais), In a Relationship é um retrato simples, chocante e honesto de pessoas “reais” e como elas interagem entre si; mostrando a fundo o que realmente dificulta a felicidade romântica.

In a Relationship, Sam Boyd


In a Relationship from In a Relationship on Vimeo.


Many of you have noticed lots and lots of tweets between Katie and Sam Boyd lately. Sam is a motocross rider and action sports TV star, as well as a fellow MTV employee - he regularly appears on Nitro Circus. Sam is friends with a few of the teen mom girls including Chelsea, but lately he and Katie have been getting to know each other better and she’s really caught his attention.

A source spoke to radaronline and gave some details on what’s going on between them. “They’ve been talking every day for like a month now, so it’s kind of more like a crush thing right now. Katie thinks it’s nice to have something new because she was with Joey for so long.”

Katie has stayed single since splitting with Molli’s dad Joey, and spent some time concentrating on her move to Utah, new job and college, and of course being a mom to Molli, who is 2 in a few months. “She hasn’t had a chance to be an intimate dating adult where she goes on dates and doesn’t have to tell her mom, ‘Okay I’ll be back at this time’. This is her first time actually really dating anybody and it’s really exciting,” the source explains. “When you’re with somebody for so long and you’re so young and you go through so much stuff with that person, you kind of lose that feeling of ‘Oh, I’m wanted by this person. So, Katie thinks it’s nice to have that ‘wanted’ feeling back again.”

Sam doesn’t have children himself, so Katie was sure to suss out how he felt about her being a mother, “He’s fine with it — It doesn’t bother him,” the source says. “Katie has asked him about it because Molli is important and she will always be Katie’s number one priority. If anybody has a problem with that, then Katie will show them to the door. But Sam’s fine with it.”

“Sam thinks that she is a good mom and takes care of all of her responsibilities: She does what she needs to do and she is independent. He knows that not many girls that age are like that, kid or no kid.”

Katie so deserves a good guy, and Sam seems to fit the bill so far. The only thing is, their relationship would have to be long distance. Sam doesn’t live in the same state as Katie, but the source says he’s planning to go and visit her in Utah sometime. I really hope things work out for these two!

As for Joey, he and Katie have moved forward from their painful breakup, and a year on they are communicating well for the sake of co-parenting their daughter. Joey is an active parent, and he has Molli every second weekend. He is currently single but has had a few term flings since the split with Katie. They trust each others judgement when it comes to the people they bring around Molli, and Katie is open to letting Joey and Sam meet if things get serious between them.

Wow, so much maturity. Such a reliving change from the usual crap I’m writing here. Bring on Teen Mom 3!



In a Relationship 

Directed by Sam Boyd

Starring Dakota Johnson, Sophie Simpson, Nicholas Braun, Zachary Webber, and Peter Gallaguer.


Check out this short by Sam Boyd called IN A RELATIONSHIP. You might hear a familiar voice. ;-)



La mañana de ayer en conferencia de prensa en Las Vegas, la FIM reveló el calendario de la AMA Monster Energy Supercross para el 2015. Con la serie empezando de nueva cuenta en el Angels Stadium y finalizando en el Sam Boyd.

Hay dos nuevas paradas en el camino, una es un venue completamente nuevo y la otra es back to back. El estadio levis en Santa Clara, California tomará el puesto de Seattle.…

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Critics’ Choice Awards 2015

Justified is nominated for 5 awards at this years Critics’Choice Awards:

Best Drama Series

Best Actor in a Drama Series (Timothy Olyphant)

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Joelle Carter)

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Walton Goggins)

Guest Performer in a Drama Series (Sam Elliot)

Walton Goggins is also nominated for Guest Performer in a Drama Series for his role on Sons of Anarchy.

I honestly think it’s about time they win some awards, they should’ve been winning all of them for the past six years.

Uncle John's Band
  • Uncle John's Band
  • Grateful Dead
  • Las Vegas, 5/19/95

Grateful Dead - “Uncle John’s Band”
Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, Las Vegas, NV, 5/19/95

-20 years ago today marks the Dead’s final 3 show run at the Sam Boyd Silver Bowl in Las Vegas, Nevada.