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The development of the relationship between Darcy Lewis, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes and Steve Rogers as shared over twenty-six chapters.

Oh, and throw in a Tower full of mutants, two mischievous assassins, a few geniuses, an occasionally homesick god and errant Roombas, and you have the fitting background to a story about Bucky, Darcy and Steve’s first meeting to their first time to their first date and more (and yes, those are in the correct order) - from A to Z.

Here is the story/project I was talking about yesterday. 

I will be posting a new chapter every day for the next twenty-six days, with the last one being posted the day AOU is released over here in the UK. 

Feel free to send over prompts/ideas for the other 25 letters/chapters.

Steve Wilson
Steven Wilson
Steven Grant Wilson
S. Wilson
Mr. Wilson
Captain Wilson
Sam and Steve Wilson <3 <3
The Wilsons

Natasha: Hey, Steve, what are you working on?

Steve: (knocks over entire desk, papers fly everywhere)

fanart ideas that are always adorable:

  • your otp reading together
  • your otp cuddling in bed
  • your otp kissing in the rain
  • your otp having a picnic
  • your otp baking together
  • your otp in a rowing boat
  • your otp as prom dates
  • your otp sharing a milkshake
  • your otp at the fair
  • your otp huddling together under an umbrella
  • your otp making daisy chains together
  • your otp braiding each other’s hair
  • your otp taking a bath together
  • your otp kissing in a lake
  • your otp sharing earphones to listen to music
  • your otp + kittens
  • your otp kissing upside down
  • your otp riding a bike together
  • your otp getting married
  • your otp holding hands as they run from danger
  • your otp feeding ducks
  • your otp kissing with fireworks in the background
  • your otp cuddling from behind
  • your otp dancing together
  • your otp sharing a cigarette
  • your otp walking dogs together
  • your otp wearing flower crowns
  • your otp sharing a giant scarf 
  • your otp painting each other’s faces
  • your otp lying in a field
  • your otp playing a board game together
  • your otp leaning their foreheads against each other
  • your otp eskimo kissing
  • your otp kissing at the door

Chris Markus: We always wanted to approach Sam through the prism of a being fellow veteran. Someone who could speak to Steve on that level as opposed to, you know, because he’s Captain America. And also we brought up the idea that Steve, in addition to everything else he’s gone through, spent four years in World War II. That’s very traumatic stuff. And he has never had a chance to decompress about any of it. 

Anthony Russo: One of my favorite lines from him is, where he says: “I’m more of a soldier than a spy.” I just loved that so much because it speaks to his relationship with Cap and their nature.

Joe Russo: You guys did a great job with this scene. This is probably the hardest scene in the movie because it leads to the biggest buy in the film, which is - well, maybe there’s a couple of other big buys - that Cap is gonna go back to a guy he met jogging on the Mall when his life is in danger because he’s the only guy he can trust. So it was important that these two connect on a very deep level, an emotional level in this scene.

Chris Markus: It’s always a credit to Mackie.

Steve McFeely: Yeah. I trust Mackie.

Chris Markus: You would go to Anthony Mackie. Some people you wouldn’t go to. 

Joe Russo: Let’s talk about Mackie for a second. It’s a reason we cast him is one, you know, I’ve never not seen a truthful moment from him on screen, and two, he has this incredible ability to combine charm and integrity. A difficult thing to do is to be funny and convey integrity at the same time.

Steve McFeely: He’s not shallow.

Joe Russo: He has great depth as an actor which allows Steve to feel the depth, the audience to feel the depth, which makes you believe that Steve would trust this guy even though their relationship is so new. 

- Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu-ray Audio Commentary

Steve Rogers, bisexual icon from the 50s onward-

The yellowed-with-age letters preserved at the Smithsonian (much to Steve’s embarassment) express a powerful sensuality towards men and women-

and especially touching are his correspondences with young people writing to Captain America for advice and to express admiration-  a good number come from young queer kids with no one else to turn to for advice, asking for reassurance from a symbol of heroism.
Queer scholars for decades speculating about the likely homosexuality of Captain Steve Rogers from his letters and his biography- (as well as the collected letters of his friends and fellow soldiers)

Contentious scholarship rising up arguing about the controversial subject of the sexuality of Captain America and the nature of his relationship with James Buchanan Barnes-

Conservative scholars and pundits bewailing how the liberals want to pervert a national icon for their liberal agenda-

Queer people finding the Collected Letters of Steve Rogers in their library and being blown away- how did no one mention Captain America was gay?  Wait wait, people think he’s straight? How do people miss this??

And queer teens buying the book used, coverless, and keeping it with them to read when they feel alone-
dog-eared pages for the correspondence between Steve and Bucky—- heart squeezing when they think about how they must have felt about eachother

Scholars and pundits all creaming themselves when Steve comes back to life- everyone wanting him to represent for their cause… 
Paparazzi taking photos of him and Nat, of him and Sam- tabloid journals making insinuating references

And Steve getting asked on some TV interview if he can comment on the rumors about him and Sharon Carter and speculation that he’s ”OTHERWISE INCLINED lolol-“ (the interviewer looks smarmy and fully expecting Steve to vehemently deny such SLANDER—)

And Steve brightly (and somewhat agressively) says that he’s actually very happily in a relationship with Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, though he considers himself bisexual 

And Steve and Sam getting interviewed in OUT and the Advocate-
and eloquently articulating the need for lgbtqia role models and why it was important for him to be open about his relationship and loud about asserting that he is BIsexual-

Ahhh Steve Rogers bisexual icon

sudden avengers high school au feelings

  • nearly codependent best friends steve and bucky that haven’t written a paper on their own since the second grade 
  • punks romanov and barton smoking ciggies behind the bleachers and generally pissing off principal fury with shenanigans
  • everyone always thinks it’s barton’s idea 
  • it’s not 
  • student council leader sam wilson with a gaggle of admirers that may or may not include tiny, asthmatic art buff steve rogers 
  • quiet biology dork bruce banner 
  • less quiet physics dork tony stark (who may or may not be occasionally supplying romanov with weed)
  • senior with the most volunteer hours and all-around sweetheart thor (head over heels for jane foster, who is too busy sciencing the hell out of everything to even notice him)

Now I think about it Winter Soldier was a gold mine for multishippers.

"Do you want some Captain Widow? Look all the sexual tension. Here, have a kiss."

"Tony is not in this movie but Steve still saves him. Isn’t that enough? Don’t worry. Here Steve is having feels about his father in law. Here."

"Yep, Steve visits Peggy. They still have a promise to each other. He can’t stop visiting his favourite girl after girl."

"Sharon and Steve flirts. A lot. But also here have Agent 13 being all team Captain America. Here."

"Sam and Steve are from a romantic comedy but we disguised them in an action movie."

"Oh you ship Stucky? Here, your heart will never be the same, here have it. Have it."