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Imagine Bucky being incredibly good at dancing- with all those years of training, he's really quite graceful- and he loves jammin out, but he is also very embarrased about it. Imagine if he got caught in the middle of one of his favorite songs

Bucky freezes for a split second, then extends both of his hands to Sam, wiggling his eyebrows in some sort of “come hither” gesture.

"You know how to swing?" he asks Sam, who shrugs.

"Nope," he says, grinning. He takes Bucky’s hands anyways.

"I’ll show you," Bucky promises.

Mr. Steve & Mr. Sam: Guidance Counsellors

As soon as Steve met Sam, he knew he’d gotten lucky. Most of the guidance counsellors Steve remembered from his elementary school were stuffy, jowly women, who had no idea went on behind their backs. If a bully pushed him on the playground, Steve pushed back, and they both wound up in detention, doing Mrs. Pain’s mind-numbing friendship worksheets while the bully of the week poked Steve with a pencil to see how may bruises he could make. 

Sam Wilson was the opposite of jowly. He looked like the kind of guy to smile for cameras while he was running charity marathons, and because Steve was terminally awkward around attractive people, he told him so. 

Sam just laughed, showing off an absolutely charming gap between his front teeth. “I don’t know man, last time someone snapped picture of me at one of those things I looked like I was gonna hurl.”

"But yes to the running for charity, then." Steve tried to check Sam out without being conspicuous. It was clear he was doing more than just running to get arms like that. 

"Guilty," Sam replied, still smiling. "A lot of the teachers here do Relay for Life. You wanna join up this year?"

"Oh, I’m usually the guy passing out water at those things."

"That’s good because if I’m being honest," Sam said, peeking over his shoulder for effect, "I’m usually the guy passing out."



Edited because I forgot Bucky’s arm! Sorry folks. That’s what happens when you work between the hours of 3 and 8am and trust yourself to fill in the things you don’t put down in the sketch. ((Honestly, I’d forget my own name if it wasn’t constantly being yelled at me, if I make a mistake please tell me!))