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The days leading up to the basketball game were fun. I got to spend more time with Jack and people in the hallway were saying hi to me. I didn’t know if I liked the attention or not.

On  Wednesday, I went over to Johnson’s house with Ariana to meet with our Jacks after basketball practice. She lead me to the basement were they hang out on a daily and once she opened the door the sour stench of weed hit me in the face.


"Yo, Y/N and Ariana are coming over so air out the room and finish the last hit" I said as I received a text from Y/N.

"Why is she coming over, she’s such a buzzkill. Why the fuck do you even talk to her?" 

"Hey, how about you shut the fuck up because you don’t know shit about her. Give her some fucking respect. I don’t see you staying committed to one girl. Mr. IsleepwithanyonebecauseImsofullofshit." All my anger spilled out. I had enough of Sam’s shit.

"Hey hey hey, calm down guys." Johnson said getting between me and Sam. Sam just had that fucking smirk on his face that looked so punchable.

"Just air out the room. I don’t know if Y/N is into this type of thing and I don’t want to make her uncomfortable." 


I wasn’t a little pussy when it came to things like smoking. I just don’t want to be teased because I never did it before. Ariana made her way over to Johnson’s lap and started kissing him. I sat next to Jack and he put his arm around me and started giving multiple kisses to my cheek. I felt uncomfortable because Sam and Nate looked pissed since I walked in the room. You could almost grab the tension.

There was music playing in low volume. 

"Hey, babe. Can I pack a bowl" Ariana said to Johnson, who looked over to Jack, who turned to me.

"Uhmmm….yeah sure." Johnson reached under the couch and opened a shoe box then pulled out a mason jar full of weed. I’ll admit I felt out of place and awkward but I wasn’t going to kill the mood. I just wanted to be here because of Jack.

"Girl Scout Cookies?" Johnson asked

"Fuck, yeah!"

"Make a circle" Sam said while smirking to Jack. Jack looked so mad. It was kinda hot. Everyone sat in the middle of the floor and Johnson began to pack the pipe.

"I think I’ll sit this one out" Jack said.

"Why?" Sam asked with that stupid look on his face and Jack’s jaw clenched and his hands turned to fists.

"Hey, don’t let him under your skin. I won’t get mad if you do this. I’m not going to control you. I don’t think this is bad in fact-" I went over and sat next to Johnson and Jack sat next to me. So it was Ariana, Nate, Sam, Jack, me, and then Johnson.

"Hey you don’t have to do this."

"I might as well. I never done this so might as well do it for the experience…right?"

"Okay but remember you don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable."

I smiled and Jack started kissing me. I actually enjoy kissing Jack like…..a lot.

"Who wants greens?" Johnson said.

"I do." Ariana said.

The pipe made it’s way around the circle. When it got to Jack he looked over at me and I smiled. He took the lighter and it sparked a couple times before touching the weed. Jack’s eyebrows furrowed and he inhaled making his jawline do this weird thing that looked so hot.

He held it in his throat for a couple of second and blew the smoke between his plump lips and towards my face. The stench hit me again and it honestly smelled so gross.

Jack handed me the pipe. “Look you d-“

"Jack, it’s okay. I’m not going to let him get to you or me. I’m fine with this."

"Okay, but I’ll light it for you." I placed the pipe in between my lips and Jack sat in front of me. He gave me a worried look.


He lit the weed and I inhaled until it was out. I could taste that horrible smell I’ve been smelling. My lungs filled in with smoke and I blew it out following with a couple of coughs.

"Took that like a champ" Nate said and Jariana followed with a few cheers. Jack immediately started kissing me and I felt Sam staring at us. Jack then flipped him off.

"Whatever, I’m leaving." Sam said.

"What’s his problem?" Ariana asked

"Just being a little bitch." Nate said and Johnson agreed.

Johnson packed a total of 4 bowls so everyone can get their high. I felt it as soon as we finished the 3rd bowl. I started laughing and feeling dizzy but in a good way. Jack started laughing along with me that it made his eyes squint. Nate left a while after so it was just me and Jack with Jariana. Ariana and Jack went upstairs to ‘study.’ I just wanted to be with Jack. I snuggled up next to Jack and it was quiet.

" Y/N, I like you….. like a lot. I know what happened between you and Sam. He’s such a dick. I swear, I’m never going to treat you like that."

"I know Jack." he started kissing me and he hoovered over my body. He started kissing up to my cheeks and down my neck. I could taste the weed as if I was still inhaling it. I don’t know if it was the weed or just Jack himself but I felt so high off of something. Yeah, maybe we did have a few makeout sessions every now and then but this felt different. I don’t know if it was because he was high or if he was just angry.

He grabbed my face and started kissing my lips and I tugged on the hair on the back of his neck. My cheeks started turning red and I started losing my breath. He wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up pulling me closer to him. His hands started touching my sides and thighs and my breathing became uncontrollable.

Jack rested his big hands on my waist just above my pants and lifted my shirt up. I was so high I didn’t know how to stop this. I wanted this but I wasn’t ready. I didn’t want it to be my first time here in Johnson’s basement and I sure as hell didn’t want Jack to know I was a virgin. 

"Ja-" I was stopped my a scream upstairs. Me and Jack ran upstairs to see Ariana looking out the window and we went to go see what it was. It as dark outside, time went by so fast. Johnson was kneeling down on the lawn with one knee with a huge teddy bear next to him and a big Hershey’s bar on one hand. There was candle’s lit all over the driveway and lawn.  Behind him was a sign that said "Ariana," and on the lawn a meadow of roses spelled out "HOMECOMING?" with what looked like Polaroids of them together in between the roses.

She ran downstairs and tackled Johnson to the floor with kisses signaling she said yes.

"Cute." I said and Jack looked nervous. "Wonder if anyone’s going to ask me.." I said sarcastically and he smiled then kissed my forehead. This smoking thing isn’t so bad, especially with Jack.


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So I have an idea for a new Nate story and if I finish with it it will most likely be posted before I go to bed. If not it will be posted before school. Get ready for a whole new source of drama 😏😉

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Oh my gosh they’re so cute


A couple pic he tweets -mag on requested

Dating Sam would involve
  • hickeys
  • him being really touchy
  • him whining like little chid when you are mad at him for two seconds
  • him staring at you
  • him teasing you a lot
  • him making you horny
  • him teasing you when you are with your parents
  • him whispering dirty little things into your ear
  • him being really over protective
  • him being jealous
  • you wearing his clothes
  • you standing on your tiptoes so you can peck him on the lips
  • him biting your ear
  • long car rides
  • him giggling everytime you get angry
  • getting high
  • him calling you drunk and telling you how much he loves you
  • you not able to walk properly because he destroyed your pussy

I wasn’t ready for this

Change- Sam Wilkinson Fanfic

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