Breakfast after a great #yoga session from Kelly @FRAMEshoreditch in @thehoxtonhotel this morning! Not as easy as I thought it would be 😳, especially after last nights #spartanfam fitness test!! Corn fritters on a bed of spinach with bacon strips and chilli avocado 😍!! #baconstripsbaconstripsbaconstrips #salvationjane #famfood #guacflex (at Salvation Jane)

Honourable Artillery Company Open Day

A year ago today, a friend and I were walking down to Night Jar, when we saw parachutists majestically gliding over City Road. Not a common occurrence in EC1! I later found out it was the annual HAC Recruitment day.

The same friend and I went along to the HAC open day yesterday at Armoury House. No, I’m not about to give up the publishing day job, but I was keen to get a sneak peek into a military world that, for the rest of the year, is hidden away from civvies.

Nestled beside Bunhill Fields (well worth a visit, not only for its famous burials, such as William Blake and Daniel Defoe, but also because it’s a little rural sanctuary in the otherwise grey cityscape of City Road) and opposite Wesley’s Chapel (the founder of Methodism’s church, which also houses the UK’s best example of original Thomas Crapper loos), Armoury House’s faux castle-cladding belies its inner beauty:

It has its own museum, a grand dining hall, a pub (we weren’t expecting that and it reminded us a lot of the pubs in the Houses of Parliament) and lots more.

Outside, despite the rain, was full of people watching the displays. I caught the canon display, lots of full on warfare

and a chinook taking off (chinook engines ten minutes to warm up apparently, not the quickest of getaways!)

It’s on tonight too, so get down there if you’re in the area. It won’t be your standard Shoreditch evening, that’s for sure!

More details here

We finished off with some sedate cocktails at Salvation Jane. A relaxing night cap to an otherwise action-packed evening. They’re offering 2 mojitos for £10 before 7.30 at the moment too, to celebrate their new menu. We asked extra nicely and they gave us the deal even though it was closer to 9pm. Good night all round! 

by Emma Bradfield