Bang Bang vs Salute
  • Bang Bang vs Salute
  • Jessie J ft Ariana Grande ft NickiMinaj & LittleMix

Bang Bang vs Salute -Β Jessie J ft Ariana Grande ft NickiMinaj & LittleMix

there’s so much hate and even misogyny directed towards little mix it’s just horrible. little mix are just four beautiful, lovely ladies with even lovelier voices making music together and taking on the world. if you don’t like them for whatever reason, that’s fine, just ignore them or block/blacklist them if they bother you that much. stop sending hateful comments to them and the fans on social media, it’s disgusting and it needs to end.

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hii, i recently put up a makeup tutorial for the salute video and i was just wondering if you could post it to spread the word for more mixers to see it :) x

no problem :)



[Video] Bill Maher Compares Obama to Bush, Gets OWNED by General Zinni

[Video] Bill Maher Compares Obama to Bush, Gets OWNED by GeneralΒ Zinni

During the last week, social media has been abuzz over the salute Obama gave to a young Marine while exiting the Presidential helicopter. The best discussion I’ve seen by far, took place between Bill Maher and General Anthony Zinni (RET) on Bill’s late night talk show, Real Time with Bill Maher.

The opinions that have been thrown around like beads at Mardi Gras, have covered the spectrum from…

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Little Mix - Intro (Salute Tour Screens)