Ganta Igarashi for doctor-hooters
Lady Eboshi for saluriel
Haruka Nanase for carry-on-my-wayward-butt
Zachary Quinto for weneedseries4 (previously weneedseason3)

Ganta! Dear, sweet Ganta. I loved Deadman Wonderland and all its characters (well, almost all), so I was really happy to get to draw my favorite child. <3 I think he came out pretty cute! And I like Haru’s nonplussed face (“what do you mean there’s no pool around here”), and Mr. Quinto’s eyebrows. God dang those things are basically entities of their own at this point.

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doing this for two people because I haven’t been keeping up with my tags oops

questions from Manda (@mandarose) 

1) Movie that made you cry the hardest?
oh goodness, this one is tough. I’m very much prone to crying over fictional characters so lots of movies make me cry… probably Titanic? because it has a lot of personal significance/family history on top of the tragedy of the story itself.

2)Most memorable kiss?
ahh, my first kiss with a girl that I was attracted to. it was this perfect moment- she had come to visit me (it was a distance thing) and on our first night, we still hadn’t gotten over the buzz of being together in person, so we couldn’t sleep. we had moved downstairs to the futon because my room was too hot, and I just remember lying there in the darkness giggling over the most inane shit… then at one point, one of us tickled the other, which developed into a brief pillow fight until I hit her a tiny bit too hard. I was like “aw do u want me to kiss it and make it better” just like kidding around, and she was like, “yes. right here.” and tapped her lips. and I did. and it was different from any other kiss I’d ever had.

3) Thing you can cook the best?
CURRY. I can cook other things too but curry is my favourite food, favourite thing to cook, and also the dish I am best at. lol.

4)Favourite video game?
the Portal games, followed by Pokemon. Portal just has a very dear place in my heart.

5) What memory makes you laugh the hardest?
oh man there are so many good ones, mostly these past few years… uh, probably the “snuggling immigrants” story. basically my friends Fluffy and Miguel and I (known collectively as the Hive) had this really fucking insane Spanish professor, and at the end of the semester, we had to do this 6-10min recorded commercial for any product, in Spanish. we decided on Spanish language software, so we went through it as “learning Spanish can help you do _______!” starting with “order food at a restaurant!” and “visit other countries!” and progressing to “get out of jail in those other countries!” and “smuggle immigrants!”
well, by this time we were super stressed and sleep deprived (seriously this class was nuts and we had SO much other shit due) so we just kind of went through it without even caring anymore. seriously, I wore pajama pants throughout the recording. so there were some words we didn’t know, and we looked them up on my google translate iphone app.
we presented our project, finished the class, and never looked back.
about a month later I was poking around on my phone, and ended up opening the translate app. much to my surprise the last words I had translated were still in there. come to find out, when I thought I was telling the audience that I was smuggling immigrants, I was actually telling them that I was /snuggling/ immigrants.
I laughed for about ten minutes solid and I still can’t think about it without giggling. it was just so DUMB.

6) Sunrise or Sunset? Why?
sunset. I don’t like waking up early.

7) Do you think you are anything like your birthsign?
uh… I don’t know? I have no idea what Libras are supposed to be like. /quick internet research
… no. I can be diplomatic and hospitable and peaceful, but I’m not particularly graceful or idealistic, nor am I superficial, indecisive, or unreliable. I can be a little vain, though. idk just from a cursory glance I would still say no? but I’m not really going into depth with it I’m just looking at a list of descriptive words xD

8) If you could play any instrument in the world, what would you pick?
my own voice, probably. I wish it were nicer/I were better at it. otherwise, drums. or guitar.

9) What is your most controversial opinion?
chocolate milk is gross.

10) Are you a messy or neat person?
I am neat x: I used to be pretty messy but I’ve discovered that keeping my living space clean keeps my mental space calm. I genuinely like cleaning and sorting and organizing things.

11) What would your ideal partner be like?
cuddly as fuck. I’m WAY into physical intimacy, not necessarily sex, but just… touching. I like to be touching the people I love all the time. little things like my leg touching theirs, brushing my fingers across their back as I pass, etc etc, as well as bigger things like holding hands and leaning on each other. and my ideal partner would be just as touchy as I am- I feel like a bother if I’m always the one initiating it.
my “type” is artsy girls who are into social justice. for guys- romantic only- I tend to like… well, artsy guys who are into social justice, lol, and who are in touch with their emotions and don’t put too much stock into like ~machismo~. not necessarily like “sensitive” but forthright and chill.
so basically I’m looking for the same thing regardless of gender and that division was arbitrary, I’m just so accustomed to specifying girls that I do it reflexively.
aside from that… I don’t know. there’s this thing I can’t really define that I look for. it’s like… a sharp adge, a spark? that keeps me interested. people who shine brightly. people who can not only keep up with me, but give me a run for my money- who can teach me things and have a similar disposition. I’ve only met a handful of them, but those people fascinate me most. I tend to date people without that thing anyway because it’s so hard to find it, but it’s… different. idk man. demisexuality is hard.

questions from Alisa (@alisausually)

1. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
I’m very calm. I try very hard to be nonjudgmental and friendly until you give me reason not to be.

2. What’s your favorite season?
spring! as far from winter as possible. I loathe snow, but I like it when it’s still chilly, and I like the rain.

3. What are your least favorite words? Is it a tie between moist and crusty?
neither of those words really bothers me? I don’t know. probably gendered slurs like “bitch” and “cunt” would be the only words that really make me wince.

4. What’s your weirdest habit?
uh… when I’m intensely concentrating I tend to make a clicking noise while I think. other than that idk?

5. What’s your personality type? (MBTI, go take the test if you haven’t, it’s very enlightening)
istj. o3o

6. Everyone has a bunch of words/phrases they say all the time. What are yours?
"well, actually…" probably has to be at the top of the list. I’m a bit of a know-it-all, haha.
also “oh goodness” and “fuck that noise”. and I tend to say “yeh” instead of “yeah”, mostly out of laziness.

7. Who is your favorite person you know and why?
Cass ;w; she’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to family. she’s been with me since we were little, and we talk about EVERYTHING… we skype at least once a week, more when we can. she’s been with me through it all and I trust her more than anyone, even if we are very different people with very different ways of approaching things. also we’re writing a series of books together <3 she really inspires me to keep being creative and power through things even when I don’t want to. she truly is my sister and I love her so, so much.

8. Favorite book?
oh no this is the worst question sobs I LIKE ALL OF THEM
probably still the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman, or At Winter’s End by Robert Silverberg, or my anthology of short stories but Ray Bradbury. yeah, probably that one.

9. Something you regret saying or NOT saying to someone?
"you really fucked me up and it’s affected me in the long term more than you will ever know. I understand your reasons for what you did, but you just really don’t know what you did to me."

10. Biggest pet peeve?
people who can’t take a fucking hint, and/or people encroaching on things that are MINE. this can include friendships, physical spaces, privacy, and objects. I am possessive of what I have.

11. Cat person or dog person?
cat person! I love dogs too but kitties are just so great.

1. what song best describes your day so far?
2. what piece of media (book, movie, story, song, etc etc) has been most influential to you?
3. if you could have one wish but it could only affect you personally, what would it be? 
4. what one thing would you change about your past?
5. where is your absolute favourite place to be? 
6. what is one of your pet peeves? why? 
7. what do you think the most important qualities in a person are? 
8. do you aspire to anything? 
9. tell me about a dream you’ve had that really sticks out in your memory as significant. 
10. what does intimacy mean to you? do you have that? 
11. if you could look ten years into your future, would you? if so what would you hope to see? 

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@kaliela answered: The LBC queue is like.. empty, just about. So you’ll get a fast turnaround on it.

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Ah, awesome. Thanks both for the information. ^^