saltwaterliving asked:


are you and Veronica on a gang or something ? hahah

15. your lucky number


16. your name


17. piercings you want

nose but idk

18. idea of the perfect date

don’t have one, must to be with someone I like

19. 5 things you hate

I don’t hate anything

20. 5 things you love

me, mom, bffs, tumblr and love

21. a random fact

I’m a veggie

22. favourite item of jewellery 


23. favourite body feature


24. tattoos you want

3 diamonds on my rib saying “in the sky with..”

25. favourite blogs

hmm, flips-and-shits, saltylulls, jakesgettingaroundit, zanewilsonimages, jayalvarrez, aussiesurferbloke, ccoastalwaves, vvhatyouth, do-you-love-me-surfer-girl

26. what I love about myself

my butt (:

27. what I hate about myself

my laziness 

28. favourite book

harry potter

29. sweet or salted popcorn?


30. someone you miss

derek :/